Saturday, June 20, 2009

A little visit

I am only a week behind now. The Phillips' came for a short visit on Saturday. They were on their way back to San Fransisco after a short vacation down south. I was so happy they came by and we got to meet Janet's girls, Jillian and Melanie.(sorry about the spelling if it is wrong)(which it probably is) I haven't seen Janet in sooo many years. The girls look just like their mom who is still beautiful. Guess it must be the Neuser in them, haha.

Aunt Betty and Uncle Bill still look the same and are still traveling a lot. It must be difficult having grand kids in 3 different states and all so far away. (Kayla, Dylan and are only ALLOWED to marry and stay in California!!! haha)

It's not so easy to get a clear shot of a two and three year old. : )I hope they come by again soon, maybe we'll see them at a Christmas in Michigan some year?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's the middle of June

Hello! It's been awhile. Things are busy at the Kirchberg house. (Or more accurately, I have been lazy haha). Here's the update:
Kayla got her haircut and looks adorable...

Wrinkes is still looking adorable too....

The Track Banquet was June 8th. Bailey talked her friend Kelly into wearing a dress for the first time in years. And Kayla straightened her hair. She borrowed a dress from Bailey and looked great. This is Kelly, Bailey and Shanie.

Kayla and Bailey...Wrinkles still looking cute...Potato bug on the patio, kindof looking cute in a ewww so ugly it's cute sortof way....I have more pictures from this weekend, but I will have to put them up later because


He got his cap and gown yesterday. I took his picture and printed 50 invitations to their graduation party so he could have them to pass out today. Party is the 27th and I've got lots to do before then. First, I'm going to go eat breakfast......