Monday, March 30, 2009

Poof Gone

I am just slipping- no falling falling falling further into the abyss that is BEHIND. Further and further and further behind. Kayla was here 2 weeks ago. Came and went. Poof Gone. Poof 2 weeks gone. So much to do.
I miss her. But time is flying and she will be back in May. :-)

And I even miss him. This is Kayla's good friend Jon that came here for spring break. It was fun having a full house again. A perfect guest, he even likes pancakes. He is welcome here anytime now. Rebbecca stopped by to say goodbye again.And we had lunch with Darlene before they started on the 17 hour trip back.Am counting the days till May. 38? 39? Well I guess I am not really counting down yet but it is approximately 40 days?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dawn McVey's Color Challenge 1

Last month I came across a blog that was hosting a contest for a stamp giveaway for Papertrey Stamp Co. I had never heard of Papertrey, but all you had to do to win was leave a comment.
I do know how to comment and shockingly I won $100.00 worth of great stuff from them!
I now check out their designers blogs because they are just fun to look at and inspiring.
One of those designers, Dawn McVey, ( posted a color challenge a couple days ago and I decided to try it. I have never done a color challenge before but it was fun making a card with these colors.

Here is the first one. ( I made two)
This is for Kayla (so don't look at this Kayla!)

I used some of the supplies Papertrey sent me. The brown card stock, Beyond Borders stamps, and the other card stock and bird stamp is from Michael's and so are the little jewels on the tree and his eye. I used the scallop cutting edge on my Cutterpede cutter and the punches are Papershapers.

This card is for Bailey's friend Marissa WHOs birthday it is today.

Again, the card stock is Papertrey and Michael's, stamps are from Michael's. I used my Crop-o-dile to punch the holes in the scalloped circle and used pop-dots to raise the sentiment and hat.

That was fun.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What a bunch of crap!

MSN Homepage...

Well I was surprised the other day when I went online and saw the headline on MSN's homepage.

Dylan's toilet causes stink.

But then I wasn't really all that surprised because I have lived with the boy for almost 18 years and believe me it can be bad. I just didn't think it would make national news.

I did think Kayla's crap would make the news before Dylan's. :-p

Twilight Invitational

Last Saturday was the Royal Twilight Invitational Track Meet. (No vampires)
It was odd that with that name the events started at 8am.
Bailey was first to run at 10am.

She ran the 800meter frosh/soph. in 2:56:84 and came in 29th out of 57.

It was perfect weather for running. In the sixties and overcast.
This is a picture of Alyssa(on the right) and Nicole running together. Alyssa is blind. A lot of the girls help her so she can run. Nicole runs at Alyssa's pace and they are tied together with the belt. There have been news organizations coming to school to report about her. The Today show interviewed her a couple weeks ago. She runs the mile race. It is pretty amazing and awesome.

Dylan ran the Varsity 800meters next.

He ran a 2:13:12 and came in 22nd out of 51.

Here's Bailey before the 1600 race. She ran a 6:24:18 mile and came in 38th out of 65.

Lexi didn't run (shin splints) but cheered on Bailey.Then at about 3pm, Dylan ran the mile. He ran 4:46:67 and came in 18th out of 65.

I like this picture.

Christian took Hunter's blanket. Bailey was pulling Christian's hair and he was pulling her hair. I think there must be a rule against such behavior at a school event ?Then at 7:30pm, Dylan ran the 4X400 with Chris, Roger and James. There time was 3:48:44.Dylan and AlyKayla got to school at 9pm just as everyone was leaving.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Yay, Kayla is on her way home for Spring Break!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Meet Daisy

We went to Royal again Saturday to videotape Chris. But he only played two innings. We didn't stay long after because it kills me a little bitty bit watching baseball without Dylan playing.
I did get to meet Daisy.
Meet Daisy.....

"you know you love me"

Say "Hi" Daisy


Bailey ........."please no more paparazzi"

Hey Kayla guess what we had for dinner last night.


Dontchawantsome? Guess you'll have to come home soon and get some.

We also had strawberries on steroids. You cant tell by the picture but this one was at least 3 inches across. mmmmm don'tchawant some?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Still Painting

Still not done painting. Almost but not done yet. I get distracted and a two day project becomes a week long project. (or yearlong in the case of my 2 color bedroom. heehee)

I have an active imagination coupled with a little boredom and this is what you get.

The walls have eyes. I could write a screenplay but I don't have time. I am busy painting you know.

That was also a little glimpse of our new chandelier.

When I got done painting that wall, I whipped up this one.

Hahaha. jkjk. I fooled you. I didn't paint that. I got it off the Internet. It IS painted by an artist named James Way. I first saw a painting of his on HGTVs Vern Yip's Deserving Design show and googled him. He paints cool clouds too.

Changing subjects, we came home last Saturday night to find these girl scout cookies on our front porch. After checking them for ants, brought them in and have been trying not to eat them all too quickly. They lasted one week. 8 boxes. They are all gone except for a couple thin mints and half a box of the kind with coconut. (who ordered coconut cookies anyway??)

They would probably be all gone, but Bailey had a movie night last night and Taylor requested my chocolate chip cookies so I baked a batch. I cant refuse requests for cookies.

And here is Wrinkles. Sophie was calling her Freckles. Get it right Sophie. W.r.i.n.k.l.e.s. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


After we got home from the track meet, I baked chocolate chip cookies and then went to the Rodriguez'.
They had a birthday party for Andrew and a going away party for Little. He goes back to training camp on Thursday.
I took 10 pictures before Mia smiled. Bailey had to tickle her because she wasn't cooperating.

They grow up fast. So cute.

Track Meet

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. Went to Royal to videotape Chris G. playing baseball so he can send it to a college. Got there at 9am.
(then found out the game didn't start till 10am grrr)

Then we went to see Dylan run at a track meet at Cal State Northridge. We got there too late to see him run the 800meters. We couldn't find the track or a place to park. When we got there he had just finished. We stayed to watch him run the 1600.

Lacing up his legit spikes. (that is what he calls them)

He jumps high....

I was debating whether I would even put these pictures up here. Those....shorts....are.....soooo......(For lack of a better word) GAY. I am sorry. And I know that most gay people would even refuse to wear these. Dylan came home from a meet with 3 pair of these shorts and was proud that they were only 3 for $20. They are so short and his white legs.... and practically see-thru. I told him he probably shouldn't wear them in public. But here he is. (and Sean has the same pair haha)

They might mysteriously get lost in the laundry.I should try to focus...forget the gay shorts forget the shorts forget theOK I'm better. Sorry for the outburstsDylan ran really well. In the 800m he ran 2minutes and 11 seconds.

And he ran a 4:49 mile. (A full mile Uncle Shawn :)

Coach was happy. And he felt strong finishing so this was a good start to the track season. I just gotta get rid of those shorts. : )

Oh and this guy won the race. He ran a 4:18 mile and didn't even break a sweat.

Oh and Chris got a $35.00 parking ticket.


And what have I been up to lately? .........Painting the living room. Dunn Edwards Oak Harbor.
It is close to the color that it was. A little bit darker. Hunter laughed and said it was the same color but it's not. Here you can see the difference....

This is what happens when you get bored painting normal....

And this is me on the top step of the ladder hoping I don't fall and break.I am about half done. Then I might paint the bedroom again so it is not half purple and half blue. But maybe I wont finish it again and it could end up 3 colors. We'll see.