Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas came and went. Time goes by so fast in the weeks before Christmas.
So much to not get done. Well, now that it is over, I can share a few things that happened in the week before.

This is what our house looks like. Every single year we put up lights and every single year, they work for a couple days and then a portion goes dark. Weird, I know. Just a few feet of lights. Dark. Every single year.
The gazebo looked pretty under the full moon.

And it got cold. I know it doesn't compare to Michigan or Montana's 20 below, but it did get in the thirties and we are just not used to that. We cant see Russia from our house but we could see SNOW. I think it was pretty.There was frost on the ground and Bailey got all excited and was calling it snow. She had to run outside to touch it. I don't think Kayla was very impressed after being in Montana. haha. We do live in California. I thought it was funny that on the TV all day they had WINTER STORM WATCH running across the bottom of the screen. You know it WAS 40 degrees and drizzling. We are spoiled I guess.The weird thing about California (well one of many weird things) is the trees turn FALL colors late. Now they are bright red and yellows. These were taken last week. The leaves are thinning from the winds but still look pretty. I made pumpkin bread 3 days in a row. I wont be making any again until next fall. I made some for the cross country banquet. It was good.Bailey and Dylan both got awards this year. Dylan got the Coaches Award. And Bailey got the Frosh/Soph Most Improved award. And they both allowed me to take their picture. And they both smiled. Life is good.Yes, it doesn't take much to make me happy. Smiling for my pictures, happy happy.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

Look who I ran into preparing for Christmas. Mrs. Claws. Hee hee. She was out shopping for some last minute salami.

She looks a little mad in this picture. Christmas can be stressful.Merry Christmas Eve!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kayla's weekend

Kayla got to the airport early Friday in Bozeman for her 5 o'clock flight. Jon brought her there and when it was close to the flight time he left and she went through security. It was close to 8pm when she realized she was not leaving Bozeman on Friday. She moved out of the dorms and turned in the key so she was basically homeless. Luckily, Jon picked her up and she spent the night at his mom's house. (thanks)
She was told to come back Sat. for a noon flight and got there again a couple hours early. They told her she was lucky to have a boarding pass for the flight and only got it because she was there Friday. Well, that flight was cancelled, the next one was delayed and she finally got on a plane and left Bozeman at about 8pm. When she arrived in Salt Lake City, the connecting flight to Burbank had already left. There were no other flights into Burbank, L.A. or anywhere else.
The lady at the counter said the hotels that they had vouchers for were full and that she was on her own. When Kayla asked her what she should do, she told her "you are welcome to stay here". Thanks. Kayla found a hotel, took the shuttle bus and needed to be back at the airport at 6am today. Luckily she got on the flight and arrived safely here today.

Delta was quite unsympathetic, unavailable or just rude through the entire process. It wasn't only because of the weather too, as one of the flights was cancelled because of mechanical problems. They did give her a voucher for food about 30 hours into the ordeal. It was for 7 dollars.
Oh, but the guy at security in the Bozeman airport was nice and drew a duck on her boarding pass??? It says quack.

My Brain Update

Why is it that every Christmas my brain turns to mush? Yesterday, I went to the mall with Bailey, parked a mile away, went into Macy's and then realized that I left my wallet at home.
Good thing Macy's didn't have what I was looking for anyway. So I drove home got my wallet and phone and drove to the Macy's in the valley. Traffic was backed up for over a mile going into the parking lot and it took about 20 more minutes to park about a mile away. Good thing I was with a cross country runner who wouldn't dream of complaining about the distance. Macy's did have what I was looking for though so it was a little Christmas miracle : ).

Today I went shopping with Kayla and drove to KOHL'S (just because I had an extra 30% off coupon) and parked about a mile away, got in the store, shopped, then realized I didn't have the coupon. We were gonna buy the stuff anyway until we saw the line wrapped around the store and back to the shoe department. So, mom and dad, a couple gifts will be late as usual this year. I am going to try to shop Monday and hope some of those people will go to work or somewhere else.
I drove by this house again and thought it funny that the people next door are trying to sell their house. I wonder why? Last week when it rained their were tarps all over. hahaha Good luck with that! They do this for Halloween and Easter too. Wouldn't everyone want to live next door to that? Poor neighbor.


Finally! She is taking a shower after being in the airport 3 days. DELTA stinks!!!!!
I'll explain later.

Friday, December 19, 2008

No More Monkeys Skating in the House

Last weekend, I took these pictures of Bailey and Hunter rollerblading together. Literally together. Since there were only one pair of skates available, they shared by each wearing one skate and tying their legs together in the middle. They had a LOT of fun as you can see by their faces in the pictures.

Since Bailey got her skates in August she has skated mostly in the house. She said she doesn't know exactly how to stop so she doesn't want to go outside.

But then a couple days later I heard a shriek from the living room. I yelled "are you OK?".Bailey was, but the wall was not. She fell and kicked a hole in the wall.

She came to me near tears and promised to never skate in the house again. I told her it was OK and I was glad she didn't hurt herself. But she had to tell Chris.

We were both surprised when he told her to take back her promise. It was just an accident. He liked seeing her have fun. That is what houses are for, living in and having fun in.
So the monkeys CAN still skate in the house.

The damage.....(now we can teach her how to patch holes)
But it will have to wait till after Christmas. Our "Mr. Shawn the Monkey Man"* has a new place to stand and a new job hiding the hole until we get to Home Depot for supplies.
(that's really his name Shawn)
I did make make a new rule though. If you are skating in the house, you MUST wear your helmet!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sweaters Part 2

Computer is fine. (today) So here's the back.

Bailey wore the sweater to school today. I hope she doesn't get beat up. : )

This is what Dylan wore. I don't believe he will be sporting this baby at school or anywhere else anytime soon. Though I think that if anyone could pull off this look it would be Dylan.

Thanks for posing Dylan. Ha haI think I will make a Christmas Pillow out of it. Put that on my to do list, right near the bottom.

Monday, December 15, 2008


A local realtor sent out a newsletter to everyone in the area. It said Santa would be at the gazebo on Placid Court on Saturday. Last week, when I read it, I thought "hmmm I didnt know there was another court with a gazebo, hmmm". Then I tossed the paper.

Carly, Hunter and Ally came over to make the Senior gifts for the banquet this Thursday, and when Hunter came in she said someone was setting up a table by the gazebo. It was the realtor so I went out and told her that her paper said Placid, not Peaceful. She had to drive to Placid and put up a note saying to go to Peaceful Ct. (there is no gazebo on Placid)

The girls refused to sit on Santa's lap but were happy to pose for pictures.
Notice the sweaters Bailey and Hunter are wearing. I Christmased them up a bit. They are going to a party at Hanna's and needed "holiday sweaters".
Here is the front of the sweater. I bought it at WalMart for 9$. I bought another shirt that had a reindeer with a light-up nose, but was size 2xx, so I cut it out and ironed it on this one. Went to Michaels and Joannes for the fur, trims, bells, and felt snowflake stickers.OK, I was gonna show you the back, but as I was uploading the picture, my laptop computer crashed and now only has a black screen. Wish me luck in getting it going again.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

O Tannenbaum

O Tannenbaum O Tannenbaum how lovely are your branches.
Very lovely, thank you. We finished putting up the tree. I tried keeping track of how many ornaments. I counted 268, but we didn't put Kayla's ornaments on yet. All the Dodger ornaments will have to wait for her to get home.
And here are my top 3 ornaments of the day....
I just like this one because he is so happy and snowy and he is torturing the dog. No just kidding.I like this one but I don't remember it's origin. I think Shawn sent her to me a few years back. Or I bought 2 and maybe sent one to Shawn. Or I bought this for Shawn and decided to keep it myself. All seem reasonable. Shawn, have you ever seen this angel before?

And this one I love. Dylan made this in First Grade. Kayla made one too but it is not on the tree yet. Soon. Soon.

Dignity Sold

I bought this AWDORABLE hat n beard set at Target this morning.

I don't know - the devil made me do it? (When you mix up the letters in Santa you do get Satan)

So I put it on Wrinkles and SURPRISE! ....she doesn't like it? WHAT why not?

I'll need dog treats. So I get her little biscuits that she likes and walk outside.


She looks at me. She looks at the camera. She looks at the treats. She RUNS back in the house.

Hmmm. What can I do to get you to change your mind?

She reluctantly sat between feedings.

Look at that look.

Are you kidding me?

This is humiliating.Are you almost done?

It was steak. Lots and lots of steak. Dignity sold for cold leftover Carne Asada.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My brain

This is my brain.......>
This is my brain on Christmas........>
(picture taken in Simi Valley. I think Father Christmas threw up on their front lawn. )
Too much, Too much.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


warning. Dylan added a music feature to my blog. So if you dont want to hear it,
( I am thinking Mom and Dad : )
turn down the volume on your computer or scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog and turn it off. Thank you and try not to let it bother you too much! (the Techno)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bailey in L.A.

While we were waiting for Dylan and James to run along, I took advantage of some of the Los Angeles city backgrounds for these shots of Bailey.
This is on a bridge that crosses over the freeway....

This is along the L.A. river. (Mile 6)

And these were taken when we were walking to the Mile 10 spot. There was a lot of graffiti everywhere we went.