Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This and That

I finished up painting the kitchen walls. The color is called Dipped Chocolate from Dutch Boy. What better color for a kitchen than Dipped Chocolate? ha
I got these little curtains from Wal-Mart too. I think it looks pretty good.
I will start painting the bedroom next....

We finished eating all the Easter candy so i might have to make some cookies first.
Here is Bailey standing on the table to get an egg out of the chandelier. Just in the nick of time too because the plastic egg melted onto the light bulb and was close to starting on fire.
Big Oops there!

Dylan was riding his skateboard in the house. I guess I didn't learn anything from Bailey's rollerblading/hole in the wall episode.

And since Bailey has gotten her haircut, people keep telling her how much they like it. (she has even been asked out on a date..but I told her she cant date till she is 16...I will have to come up with another reason when she turns 16)Here she is showing off her weird talent. (Grossing people out.)And yes she can lick her elbow. Go ahead and try it..I'll bet you can't. If you look it up..it is physically impossible to do. Haha but not for Bailey.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bailey's new bangs

Yesterday, Bailey went with Hunter to get their hair cut. They had been planning this for awhile. The plan was to get bangs but they were going to wait till school was out for summer to go. I guess they were worried that if they didn't like them, they would have more time for them to grow out before going back to school. Then Hunter's mom won two free haircuts at a horse show that she was at. How very convenient! I don't think they needed to be worried that they would look bad...

We had a little photo shoot in the back yard...
People got the two of them confused before and now it's going to be worse. A couple weeks ago, a boy on the track team came up to Bailey and said "oh when did you get off your crutches?" and Bailey told him that it was Hunter that was on crutches and the poor boy was embarrassed and ran off.

I do see a little resemblance. hahaI had to take a couple shots of Wrinkly too... her face is getting whiter and whiter.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guess who is 18?


Messy Always had that look of "why are you taking my picture?"Always good natured even when I made him wear ridiculous clothes that I made for him.Loved his cowboy boots- not just for Halloween.

And always a good sport.

That's right... Dylan is 18 years old. Happy Birthday D!

We got him a long board to get around on when he leaves for college in the fall. Yep-No car.

Me and Bailey went to IG Skate shop to buy this. I am sure when we walked in there, all these skater guys were thinking "what are these uncool people doing in here?" They have a half pipe in the store and I was afraid I was gonna get run over. hahaWe got him some shades from there too..cause his future is looking bright!I baked some cupcakes and a little cake. His favorite yellow with choc. frosting.He had some friends over to watch movies and ate In n out for dinner.Happy Birthday Dylan! Thanks for 18 great years.

Lilly says Happy Birthday too.

And the Easter Bunny IS alive although he looked terribly afraid of the squirrel that was

Happy Easter!

Just checking in to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.
We are on our way to Mary Ellen's for dinner and when
we get back I will update with pics of Dylan's birthday.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Guess who I ran into today

or guess who wont be getting an Easter basket this year?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Bunnies?

Royal vs Calabassas and Newbury Park

I know I have not put up pictures of a couple of the meets - like some League Meets and the Santa Barbara Relays last weekend. But I am going to skip forward to the League Meet against Newbury Park and Calabassas on Thursday. (Maybe -if I have time- I will put up pics of Santa Barbara later)

The meet started at 3pm at Royal and Bailey was scheduled to run the 800meter. They always run the 100 meter races first so I figured I'd get there about 3:15 to see her. Then at 5 min before 3, I got a text message from Dylan requesting a Subway. Hello My Good Friend Stress.
Rush Rush Rush. I did get there just in time to see her run.
I took pictures but really none were very flattering. She should really work on her race face a bit more. Ha ha. Here is a picture after.

She ran a 2 min 55 sec. 800 meters and a 6:31 1600 meters.

Dylan ran the 1600 meters and the 3200m. The 2 mile is one of the last races so we were there till 6:30 or 7pm and it got really cold. 50 something is real cold when it is windy and you are just sitting there. I did go and take pictures of the other events to turn in for the year end video.
Here is Dylan at the beginning of the mile race. It looks like they are all going to fall over.

Here he is after the race pretending to blow his nose in his jersey. Ha ha ha dylan you are so funny. :-/So funny.Here he is doing 2 minutes and 45 seconds of community service.Here are Coach Sramek (Bailey's Coach) and Coach Ream (Track Coach)And here is ChrisDylan -Before the 2 mile..Passing Collin...Dylan ran a 4:45.97 1600meters and 10:19.5 3200meters. Royal won the meet. There next meet is Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day (I got nothin')

Yay. Dylan got his hair cut. I know this isn't the best picture, I paparazzi ed him as he was going out the door to go to school. It does look much better though. It was getting so long that I thought he might be growing it to donate to Locks of Love like Bailey did. OK so they didn't cut off 10 inches but they did cut at least 2 or 3.

When Bailey was ready for school, she was much more agreeable to getting her picture taken.

And here are a few things I picked up while out doing errands yesterday.

Easter is coming on fast and I HATE standing in that line at See's Candy so I picked these up early. (the littlest ones are Dove chocolate from Target but they wanted to be in the picture too)

And I needed to go to Trader Joe's to pick up some Milk Thistle. A supplement that the vet said that Wrinkles needs to start taking cause she is getting old. ? Hmm I wonder if I should take some too? Anyway, they had these daffodils on sale for 10 for only $1.25. I bought 20. Very pretty and only $2.50. Nice.And here she is. The old girl. Come here and take your Milk Thistle!If I think of an April Fools joke to play on you, I'll be back later but I doubt it.