Friday, May 29, 2009

Mother's Day haha

I bought mom some tulips and carnations and put them in the vase that Shawn got her last year.
The single rose was one I got when I took Bailey to get her hair cut on Saturday.

I hadn't realized that Kayla had never been to the Ronald Reagan Library in all the time we have lived here. How could this be? I've been there at least a dozen times. It seems like we went on field trips almost every single year.When Dylan was in kindergarten, he even got to actually go to Century City where Ronald Reagan had an office and meet with him and sing Christmas carols for him before he got too sick from Alzheimer's. We've gone several times when mom and dad have been here to visit and been able to see different exhibits over the years. We ended up going on Mother's day because we wanted Kayla to come and she had just gotten home from Montana on Saturday.

Look, they all match.

We got to go on Air Force One but could not take pictures inside. It was cool to see it. About a week later, me and Kayla were watching an episode of NCIS and someone was murdered on Air Force One. The TV show had everything just like how we had seen it. (except for the dead guy)

Kayla ran into the ghost of the president and said "hi"

We saw a model of the library.

...and Bailey's favorite, the jelly bean portrait. 4 feet by 4 feet and approximately 10,000 jelly belly beans. The artist first painted it in oil, then covered it in jellybeans and finished with a coat of polyurethane. It is funny that the president's favorite was jellybeans, but when Dylan met him, he gave the kids licorice instead of jellybeans. MAYBE, either he had already forgotten that they were his favorites or maybe because they WERE his favorites, maybe he just didn't want to share.hehe

We saw the Berlin wall...(part of it) (a pretty part of it)....and we saw the Magna Carta (dated 1215) on loan here from England. Not allowed to take pictures of that though.

While we were taking pictures, a swarm of killer bees attacked us. (swarmed over us) .I know that they were killer bees because they looked mean.

I have never, in almost 50 years been stung by a bee and would like to keep it that way. Bailey on the other hand, has been stung at least a dozen times and says it doesn't even hurt anymore.I blame her for their behavior.

I decided to stay away from her from now on because of her un-natural bee attraction thing she's got going.

Before bees..

Bees....Beees....Thousands of bees....

Thanks for those wonderful pictures Kayla.Happy Mother's Day mom!And here are the flower's Shawn sent her. It had yellow roses in in too but they looked funky so we took them out. Pretty.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Catching Up

Way back on May 8th, before Kayla came home from school, Bailey and Dylan had a track meet at Moorpark. League Finals. They both ran the 2 mile. Bailey was first.

Bailey started out toooo fast. The announcer kept saying "and Bailey Kirchberg is in the lead",

Bailey Kirchberg is still in the lead" "That's a 100 second lap for Bailey Kirchberg".

She stayed in front for the first 4 1/2 laps and then couldn't keep up with the pace.

She had even written on her hand the times she needed to keep her pace at, but said she forgot to look at it. She ended up in 5th place. Out of 17 or 18. Still, pretty good.

Dylan finished up the year coming in last place in the 2mile. He had passed one guy in the 7th lap but got passed in the 8th to lose. This was the very first time he came in last place and he took it pretty well. Someone's gotta be last. At least he looks good.

Bailey's race was the first one of the meet at 3pm and Dylan's was the Last race about 7pm so we watched Bailey and left and ate dinner at the Elephant Bar and then came back for Dylan. It was too hot to stay and watch everybody else. It was in the high 80's at 3 but cooled off by 7 and was in the lower 70's. Hot Cold Hot Cold Why cant it just stay 75?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dylan's last 800 and 1600

Track season is coming to a close. Dylan ran the 800 and the 1600m races on Tuesday.
It was hot again, about 85degrees. He's ending his high school career doing great. He ran the mile first and got a PR.

He was ninth in his heat so he didn't qualify to run today.
He also got a PR in the 800 and also didn't qualify for finals today.

Bailey didn't qualify for semi-finals Tuesday so she went as a cheerleader-of sorts. Very spirited, down to the gold eye shadow and green and gold polka dotted fingernails.Here she is with Marisa at attention for the Star Spangled Banner.Here are Grandma and Grandpa sweltering in the stands.Today they will both run the 2 mile races. Bailey runs first at 3pm and then Dylan wont run until about 8pm. It is supposed to be in the mid 90's so I think we will leave after Bailey runs. Eat some dinner and then go back for Dylan's race.

After the meet, we came home and found Wrinkles after binging on Yoplait Whips, passed out in a drunken yogurt stupor sleeping on her squeaky squirrel. No wonder she cant catch the rabbits anymore.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Granny Annie And Grampa Jim

Grandma and Grandpa are here having a nice visit. Grandpa runs everymorning at 8am.
Here is Grandpa deciding whether or not he should push Grandma in the pool.Here is grandma wandering in the backyard, being stalked by the great hunter Wrinkles.

Bailey asked me what Grandma was doing and I told her she is senile and she probably wont remember what she is doing anyway and Bailey told her what I said. Good thing they are at my house and I am not at theirs. She can't kick me out. haha
Arent they cute here?

Hopefully, Dylan will get to run with Grandpa before they leave. League Finals are today. We will get to see Dylan run. But it is hot. About 85 degrees..not happy about that. Hope we dont burn.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dylan's Senior Prom

Lots and lots of pictures here....
We did not wait until Friday to go to shop for Dylan's vest and tie. He wasn't supposed to run in the track meet but then he found out he was running the 800m. 3 Day suit Broker was only open till 8pm. I did not drive to Moorpark after he ran and take him back to Simi, go to Alli's to pick up the dress, buy the vest and tie, drive back to Moorpark. I did not do that- Kayla!!!
Ali's dress was yellow and of course they didn't have yellow vests. We got green cause it is Royal's school colors. Well really because it looked ok with her dress. We took pictures before Ali came over...

Wrinkles was not cooperating. LOOK THIS WAY PLEASE.

Pictures in the gazebo...After Winter Formal, pinning on his flower took only a minute or so.Ali looked so prettyAren't they adorableThey had to sign a contract saying they would behave in the limo.Dylan looks tall except for the 6ft5" guy on the left.I don't like pictures with me in them, but I hope this will motivate me to lose 5 lbs.Bailey was my photographer's helper.Dylan had a lot of fun. The dance was at the Skirball Center. They got home around 2:45am!(earlier than the 6am time Kayla came home from her prom!)