Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bailey's Winter Formal Dance

This was after we did her hair. It was raining all day but then a rainbow came out so we ran out to the yard to take a pic! Good thing it didn't mess up the hair!
Because it was raining and it was held on a Friday night instead of Saturday like usual, we couldn't take any pictures outside. I really don't know how to take pictures in poor lighting but this is the best I could do.

This next picture is my FAVORITE. I love it, The lighting, composition, the faces. ..yes my favorite. I am making an 8x10 for each of the girls.Here are more..Here is the hair.(Sparking Apple Cider)
Chris remembered to get her a flower.

If you squint your eyes mixed with the bad lighting and Bailey looks a lot (a little)like Taylor Swift!Camera? what camera Oh is there a camera pointed at me??? They had a great time at the dance and afterwards went to Denny's.