Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

Bailey went to school like this. She didnt wear her costume because they have County Championships in Ventura today. She said she didnt want to wear it because the bus comes during second period and she would have to take it off and "throw it in a wad under the bus".
So I am glad she didnt wear it. But then she doesnt get home till 7pm. Then she will shower and go to Hunter's house to Trick or Treat. Yes she will wear her costume for 1 hour.
She is wearing her glitter red lipstick from Cheer for Halloween.

Dylan went to school as a Jabawockee. (a hip hop dance group) If you go to youtube and type in Jabawockee you can see them in action.

I asked him if he has been practicing his dance moves and he said "No".

When I turned around to go in the house, I saw this.

See the rainbow? And it wasnt even raining! A Halloween rainbow. And the flowers still look pretty.....
And lastly here is the pumpkin that Chris carved. I think it looks like Eddy Munster.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's starting to look like Halloween

Well it is getting close to Halloween which means it is time to stress/work my butt off/ruin/fix Bailey's impossible to get done in time costume. I am not sure how this tradition started, but every single year I say "next year we will BUY a costume". But then the next year comes and Bailey picks an impossible pattern and here we go again.

I work non-stop for about a week and then she wears it on Halloween for about 3 hours. ????

I am taking a break to write this but I've only started cutting out the fabric so I cant be too long.

Here are some of our decorations this year.....
Our new wreath that I got from Sam's Club last week..... >
And these horrors were at Home Goods this year and last year ....>

Aren't they scary. ooooooooh
Bailey and Lexi went to the pumpkin patch Sunday and then came here to carve them. They downloaded patterns from the internet.Here's how they turned out. Cute. The ghosts in the windows' Baileys and the cat with the pumpkin was done by Lexi.I must get back to the costume from hell.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pasta Party

We survived another Cross Country Carb Loading Team Bonding Fun Time Pasta Party.

I made the invites the size of business cards and ended up with 2 versions. I didn't think Dylan would like the pink one, but after I printed them, he said it was his favorite.

The cartoon says:

Having discovered she's out of pasta and with crosscountry runners arriving in 20 minutes, Colleen is forced to use the kid's macaroni necklaces.

65 -70 HighSchool kids showed up along with a few that werent on the teams. It was nice to see Veronica. Brianna only came in when she picked up Christian but it was nice to see her too.

Coach came with his little boy. Wrinkles growled at Cayden when he kindof invaded her space a little. (Cayden was trying to sit on her and she moved then he got right in her face and grabbed her ears. Wrinkles didnt like that at all. But it scared me I thought she bit him. She didnt.)

We went through 7 x-large trays of pasta, meat sauce, marinara sauce, 14 loaves of bread, a masive amount of grapes, and salad, a couple gallons of apple cider and three cases of water. And I baked 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies for the kids to sneak when the coaches were not looking.

They all kept busy eating, playing basketball, jumping on the trampoline, hitting the punching bag, sitting, talking and having fun. Bailey said Clinton was gonna fight Tanner at one point but I walked outside at just the right moment so he didnt.

The only thing that could have made it better, was if Kayla was there. Although she must have read my mind and called during the party :-) It was fun but I am glad it only happens once a year. And I was too busy to take pictures.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Woof it's Bailey

It is so funny, I keep finding dogs, horses, even an orangutan named Bailey.

Bailey's friend Kelly had 2 cats named Beavis and Butthead and a dog named Bailey.

Her cross country coach has a dog named Bailey.

I found this picture in a Rachel Ray magazine and showed it to my Bailey. It was priceless to see her look at it and think Oh cute Dog and then she said it looked like half dog and half chicken. Then when she reads the fine print..... the look of horror..... then anger.... then the evil glare at me. Hahaha it was soo funny.
Luckily she has a good sense of humor. haha
It says in the fine print...good dog. Bailey a 3yr old pomaranian waits for the ok to eat.

She said she knows more animals with her name than humans. She does like that there is Bailey's Irish Cream though. Hmm


I found these smoothie mixes from Yoplait at Sam's Club. All that is in them is frozen fruit (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries) and frozen yogurt pieces. You just add nonfat milk and you have a delicious healthy drink. yum

Frames are How Much???!!!

So I don't even remember who did it, but someone knocked a picture off the wall. Now that we have tile in the hallway, of course the glass broke along with the frame.

So yesterday, I drove to Michaels to replace it. I took the picture to the back of the store and laid it on the counter in front of the worker. "I'd like to get a simple black frame for this". She pulled out a measuring tape, held it out and said that it is a custom size and that it would be 200 something dollars.


Well if you use the coupon in the Sunday newspaper it will ONLY be $130.00.
I smiled and explained that I had only paid $29.99 for the thing including the mat last year. And that I really like the picture but I really couldnt pay that much. And left.

So I thought I should go to where I bought it and see if they had anything similar. So I drove to Aaron Brothers. I asked if they had any 2008 frames in stock and he checked and of course he did not. Then he measured the picture and said he could get the price down to $110.00 (and that without a coupon). I could not justify spending that much. (I know me..who loves to spend money heehee) SO I looked up and down the isles and found this frame. It is a bit bigger so I was gonna buy a black mat to back the picture, but instead I just took the black back off the frame and flipped it over. It cost me $27.99. Soooo.........Happy Face :-)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Now lets see Bailey's pics. (from x-c meet on thursday)
Who are who are who are we? Hey Hey We are we are we are thee Here we go, H I G H L A N D E R S Thats us Royal Highlanders The Best!

Discussing strategy like" Run Faster than Them" or "Win"The Start line.......>She got off to a bad start. Her own teammates (freshmen) box her in. according to Bailey and Chris.Notice who is in front here......>Here is Dylan on his warmup......>Run Bailey Run!This is Bailey getting smoked by Westlake girl.But wait. Here comes Bailey........Closing the gap......>And Bailey beat her at the finish. Her time was 22:30. ( she came in 8th) Everybody was screaming at the end. (again)

And here are a pile of kids.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nice, Dylan

Nice Dylan. Whenever I try to take his picture this is what I get.
But I still keep on keeping on taking the pictures. Hee Hee.
I am thankful for digital.

Christian trying not to laugh.


More X-C

Bailey and Dylan ran at Newbury Park and competed against them and Westlake.
This was the last league meet of the season. All thats left is the Mt. Sac Invitational next Sat. and League Finals.
Here is Dylan at the starting line. Instead of starting with a gun, they used a siren. Loud and Screechy.

Here he's doing that twisted mouth thing again.

He really wanted to beat Scott. But Scott is just faster. Scott came in first place. Dylan was behind Westlake at the end of the race but right when he got to the cones he poured it on and people were screaming....

GO DYLAN GOOOOOOOO (that is not goo like g-ew but a really long go)

I didnt get a picture of it because I was screaming too.

Dylan beat him. He came in second place with a time of 16:37. And Royal team won the race.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I really really really hate the wind.
It it killing my flowers.

Our new little trees probably wont make it.

It broke our gate. It blew over flower pots. It blew over our umbrellas. And now the fire is messing up the air. Stupid wind.

The fire is about 8 miles from here. The freeway is closed. Somebody died in a car accident on the freeway earlier because of all the smoke. Its burned several homes and the winds are going to get worse tonight. These pictures were taken earlier today. There is much more smoke now. My eyes are burning and I am in the house. Outside stinks. Bailey didnt have to run cross country practice after school today but the varsity teams and Dylan went in cars somewhere to run. I dont know where. He hasnt called yet so they must have gone far. Cheerforce closed the gym today so Bailey doesnt have practice tonight. She is hoping for school to be closed tomorrow. When we were little we hoped school was cancelled for snow days. Now she is hoping for a fire day. I am hoping it gets put out SOON and nobody else gets hurt.

Here is a picture of Wrinkles today.And here is Bailey in her new shirt from SanDiego. We drove 3 hours there yesterday for her 5 hour cheer practice, then drove home 3 hours. We left a little after 9am and got home a little after 8pm. Fun.Now I need to go watch the Dodger game. Go Dodgers!