Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Last Rose

If you thought it funny seeing Dylan sound asleep in the car last week, then you will like this one......

The other day I came into the kitchen and saw Dylan laying on the table.
"get off the table Dylan. People eat on it. Dylan get off. Dylan. DYLAN." ah but he didn't hear me.
Sound asleep. I guess he was studying for Calculus....and ......got................tired.

Bailey was excited to hear that the weather forecast called for rain. She loves the rain. Loves to run in the rain. She was happy to be able to wear a scarf to school. And was dissapointed when it did not rain during running practice. Although the next day it did rain and she was happy to run in it and I was not so happy to clean the muddy clothes. She is hoping for more rain this week.

Yesterday, Chris was pruning the rosebushes and brought this lovely flower in to me.

It is the last one for a while cause he cut them all way back. Beautiful December Rose.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Groceries and Wrinkles and Dylan

I went grocery shopping Wednesday at Von's. When I got home and put it all on the counter, it just didn't seem like it should be $162.87 worth. ($213.26 really, but I used my Von's card and saved $50.39) So I decided to stack it up and take a picture. I know I am getting weirder and weirder everyday.

Here is Wrinkles waiting for her Boy to come home from school.

Alert Alert I can smell him! (he does run cross country after school so he does smell)

He is spotted. "no wrinkles, stay." I say. She looks at me like "are you crazy?" and darts out the front door. Pretty fast for an old girl. True Love. A dog and her boy."Why are you taking my picture?"

Friday, January 23, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday 1.19.09

We got this picture in the mail on Saturday. (no mail today cause of Martin Luther King holiday)
I scanned it so I could put it on here. Kirchberg Family Reunion. Chicago 8.08.08

I am with Chris in the back row. Bailey and Kayla are on the lower right and Dylan is wearing his brown baseball hat mid-left toward the top.

Today Bailey and Dylan got up and ran their Monday run and Bailey gave me this flower when she got home. OK not really. She had it in her hair and then threw it on the floor when she was going to go shower. I picked it up and put it in the cup. And pretend that she picked it for me.

I made more cookies today. But that's it. I'm done. Without running, I will become a cow if I keep this up and then I will have to listen to Shawn call me Cow. So this is the last of the cookies for a while. These are the pie crust/cinnamon/walnuts/honey/sugar/lemon and chocolate ones.

Got a little somethin on your teeth there Bailey.

Dylan got his haircut today and when I wanted to take a picture, I got a bunch of nothing shots.

Typical goofy faces....until I reminded him that he will be needing a tux for the Winter Formal and money to go and............and then I got a smile. A nervous smile, but still a smile. I am getting better.

I still think he needs another haircut.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've been letting Dylan take the car to school since Kayla went back to school. When he drives, I am stuck at home all day, but since I broke my toe, I haven't really wanted to go out much anyway. But it does get boring sitting around the house all day trying to keep my foot up. So much for running everyday. As I was saying...I get bored so when they came home in the afternoon, I hobbled to the door to take their picture. Dylan is pretty quick to hide.

Bailey is always nice enough to bring in the mail.

And because I have been a little down (with Kaylabeinggoneitis...thanks for diagnosing that Mary :) ) and uglybrokentoe hurting...I decided to pretend that it's my birthday and baked cupcakes with cheery sprinkles.

That brought me out of my slump if only for the chocolate 15 minute sugar rush.
I only made 12 because that's all that fits in the oven, so I made a little cake too.
Chris wanted that "cupcake".

I had this one... (OK . nobody believes me any way, I confess..I had 3)

Saturday, Hunter came over after running in the morning. I guess they brought souvenirs from the run??? I told Bailey she could NOT keep them in her room.

Dylan and Chris worked on cutting down the monster tree and are almost done. Dylan got something in his eye so he had to stop and rinse it out. Luckily, it was OK.

It was hot..that is his shirt on his head.

Dylan then spent a lengthy amount of time designing this car on x-box so that he could drive it in the game and smash it to bits.

Very Gangsta.

OK, I just checked and it is actually absenceofkaylaitis that I am suffering from...all those big medical terms..just got confused. Oh and Mary...that was not a very nice thing to say about my salads!!! : )

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is today Monday? cause I don't like Mondays

I woke up this morning feeling a little bit sick. Sore throat, a little acheyness (spellcheck says this is not a word). Bailey has been sick and I was thinking that I might not be as lucky as I have been lately avoiding catching sicknesses. I got the kids off to school and decided to run anyway. I'm tough right?

I got dressed and went to get my shoes and kicked something. What did I kick? I have no idea.

I think maybe the corner of the bed. I just know by the time I put my shoe on my toe hurt.

But I'm tough. I will just walk a little. At this point I decided it was broken and I should just go back to bed. Which I did. Too bad the throbbing shooting pain in my toe kept me from getting to actually sleep.

I am trying to eat healthy to maybe fight off getting the full blown sickyness(also not a real word) that Bailey has so I had a V8 for breakfast and this beautiful salad for lunch. (and I think I will go have a banana after I finish this post).

It is a "spring mix" of lettuces, cheese, red onions, croutons, red kidney beans, sweet pickle relish, sunflower seeds, and ranch dressing. I know...your thinking how odd, but it is very good and I think very healthy mixture for me. I used to get salads like this at Souplantation but they are expensive and stopped carrying the kidney beans and sweet pickles (which are crucial to have) so I decided to buy all the stuff and make it myself. Delish.

I limped outside and took a picture of our view because it is so clear today.

Now for that banana...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, Kayla is back in Montana after a nice Christmas Vacation. She left here yesterday at 4:30 in the morning. It is hard to get used to her not being here and I think about her all the time.

4:30 am.......Instead if going shopping or out to lunch, yesterday, I cleaned the house. (got to use my nifty spiffy new Dyson : ) I think I will vacuum everyday now cause it is fun - I guess cause it actually works. Did a ton of laundry (not so fun) and today I took Bailey to the dentist. 4 cavities. Lucky Bailey got white fillings. Lucky me only had to pay for silver. Woo Hoo.(she said sarcastically)

We had Jamba Juice for lunch.
It is just not the same.

I miss this...

Thankfully, she left behind her "The Office" DVDs and I will cheer myself up by watching these 2 goofballs.

I also have Wrinkles to follow me around all day.It was 85 degrees today. Just sayin.

Wrinkles misses you too.

That's all I got for today. Oh and Dylan went to baseball practice again today with Chris Graves.

: ) AAAANNNNDDDD...I learned how to Cut and Paste! yay me

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Best Day of the year

Got up at 6:00am. Left house at 7. Drove a bit over an hour. Arrived at Garr High School at 8:15am. Could only see soccer players. Made a phone call. Dylan got the time wrong. An hour early. Sat in the car for an hour watching soccer players. But I was HAPPY. Dylan played baseball for the first time in 6 months.
Chris Graves is still playing for Royal H.S., but coaches don't play him much. So he joined this other team where he plays on weekends. He's asked D. several times to play but this is the first time he agreed. So here are some pics.....

He walked. Then Chris hit a home run. Here he is scoring.

He pitched one inning and did surprisingly well. (for not picking up a ball -6 mos.)

They made 3 errors! while Dylan was pitching. (one inning!) He threw to first and got the runner caught in a pickle but the second baseman didn't tag him. That happened twice. He struck out this guy. And didn't walk any.He walked twice and struck out once. There was no umpire and the catcher made the calls.Don't even know the score. Don't really care. We didn't win. Just was happy to be in the stands watching Dylan playing baseball again on a beautiful day.And look...it looks like he was having fun. : )Then we drove home and got stuck in traffic. And it was our 20th anniversary. We also went to lunch with Chris, Cheryl and Harold. Just like old times. It was great and Cheryl was looking healthy and felt good and her hair is starting to grow back. So it was a great day.