Sunday, November 30, 2008

I blinked and she's gone again!

There are teardrops on the keyboard. Sob Sob. Wail and more sobbing. Kayla was here and now she is back in Montana in the blink of a tear soaked eye. It was fun while it lasted. Her visit seamed much shorter now but I can console myself knowing she will come back in only 2 more weeks for Christmas. I can also console myself with a few chocolate chip cookies.
I got up this morning and was baking at 6am so she could have some fresh cookies to take home along with her pumpkin bread that I baked a couple days ago. They are yummy. I am consoled now. :-D
I am a little annoyed with myself because I didnt take many pictures while Kayla was here and vow to take bunches in 2 weeks. I did manage to get these as she was leaving.....>

So pretty.
I miss you already. Countdown begin.

P.S. (Hi Mary! Happy Thanksgiving to you all too! I made the cupcakes too. They were easy but you can see in the picture that I put the tailfeathers on one upside down! I saw them in the newspaper. You can get the recipe at and they have Christmas snowman cupcakes and cookies that I'd like to try to make with Bailey. )

Friday, November 28, 2008


I am thankful...

FOR MY FAMILY both near and far.
That Paul is such a good cook and the deep fat fried turkey was awesome.
oh and that I didnt have to clean the house .
(and lots more stuff but dont want to write it all)
Kayla came home Tuesday night. It is sooo good to see her after soooo long. We (Bailey, Kayla and I) went to the mall Wed. but nothing was on sale. My favorite pizza place there was closed so we ate at California Pizza Kitchen instead. (which I like but is too expensive)
Then we went back to the mall to eat at Souplantation to celebrate Chris' birthday.
Then we came home and ate these little babies....>

Thats what you get when your birthday is so close to Thanksgiving.

Make a wish and blow out your turkey candles. Notice Dylan in the background. He is an odd one.

Happy 53rd Birthday!Something's missing in this picture. O yes it is ME. oh well. At least Kayla's in it : )

Dylan made this face in every picture I took of him. Odd.And here is Bailey rollerblading in the house again.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blast from the past


Hi mom. Can you please tell me approximately what year or decade these are from?

I will number them so I know which ones you are talking about.

Number 1 ....>

Number 2.......>

Number 3....>

And my favorite number 4......>

Sunday, November 23, 2008

CIF Finals

Yesterday, we got up at 5:30am and 20minutes later Katie, Hunter, Thomas and Branden were here knockin at the door. I actually woke up at 4:00am and couldn't get back to sleep, because Dylan had to be at school at 5:15am.
Bailey had fun, in the car, they put makeup on Thomas.
He is a good sport but I didn't want to push my luck by taking a picture.
We drove to Mt. SAC for CIF Finals. The boys were running at 7:30am. They came in 3rd place so they qualified to go to State next Saturday. We stayed to watch Thousand Oaks who qualified also and the Simi High girls team (who didn't qualify).
Dylan seems to have fun even though he is only an alternate.The Garzas came to support the team. Dylan hangs out with Christian most of the time.
Then we all went to breakfast at the House of Pancakes. I haven't eaten a full breakfast like that since Dylan played baseball! Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, french toast and orange juice...and I ate it all!
When we got home, we had to hurry Bailey over to get her hair cut at 1:30. She has been wanting layers for months, but with cheer she couldn't get them. But now that she's not going to cheer anymore this year, she is so happy now with her hair.

I know its not a good picture, but I took it last night and the light was pretty bad. I am still tired from yesterday. My eye has been twitching all day. Bailey says it is because I am tired and that I need my beauty sleep. I don't know how Kayla gets by on so little sleep. I need my 10 hours heehee. Goodnight!

Friday, November 21, 2008

For Kayla

I made this card for Kayla. Too bad I didnt mail it in time for her to get it before she comes home for Thanksgiving. Typical me. I guess it is the thought that counts? So here Kayla. I miss you and cant wait to see ya Tuesday!!!

(it says that on the inside)

Dylan Passed the Driving Test

Dylan passed the test with flying colors and is now in possession of his California Drivers License.

These pictures were before the test. I was asking bunches of questions like " where's the parking brake and do you know how to move the mirrors?". He knew everything of course and even showed me how to turn on the back window defroster. (which I didnt know)
He looks a little annoyed but he was just having fun.
His friends said to hope he got the guy tester instead of the lady because she is harder.
He got the lady. Ha ha.
15 minutes and 4 1/2 miles later he came back, smiled, and said he passed.
You could get up to 15 wrong and still pass but he didnt get any wrong. I wasnt suprised because I always thought he was a good driver. The lady at the desk was suprised though and said she never sees that lady give zero wrong and that Dylan must have been a REALLY good driver.
He went to a pasta party at Travis' house.
Right now he is driving.
By himself.
In the dark.
But I am ok with that.
I think.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

CIF Prelims

It is still windy and a lot of fires are burning all around us but the air is not too bad here like it has been before. I guess the winds are blowing the smoke in other directions. It is supposed to be windy and hot till Tuesday. It is blowing the water right out of the pool.
Yesterday we drove to Mt. SAC for CIF Prelims. Dylan was picked as an alternate for the varsity team. He drove with the team. We drove with Bailey, Ally and Jessica. They came over a little early to make posters and paint their faces to show their support. (or just to have fun?)
Traffic was HORRIBLE because a lot of the freeways are shut down because of all of the fires.
We did get there barely in time to see the varsity girls run.

Dylan only had to run a couple miles warmup and another mile (for a workout). The firemarshals made them change the race from 3miles to only 2miles . It was about 90 degrees and because of all the fires in the state, they wouldnt have crews available to pick up passed out runners like at the last race. The air seemed to be pretty good there too though the planes kept going over our heads on the way to water drop.

Dylan hung out with Christian. He broke his foot and wasnt running and cant run for 10 weeks, which must have been very hard on him especially since Royal's boys came in FIRST place.

The girls team came in 6th place so they dont get to move on. They were dissapointed but I think they did really well just winning League and with having 2 of their top runners out with injuries. Next year will be even better.

Here is a picture of the sun. It looks pretty because of the fire and smoke always makes the sky red.
After the races we went out to eat and then brought the girls home. While waiting for Dylan to call I thought they went in the bathroom to wash OFF the facepaint, but NO. This is what I found.......

Wrinkles was not impressed.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I brought my camera when I picked up Dylan from school yesterday. I wanted to take pictures on First Street because the trees look so pretty. The trees dont usually change to the fall colors until Mid November here. I know in Michigan it is a lot earlier. End of Sept. or beginning of Oct.

The car was moving too fast but you get the fall feel...Here's Dylan in the driver's seat. He can get his license any day. I think his appointment is next Friday.And here is the view from the back left of the backyard. I thought you could see colorful trees better but it doesnt really show much.And here is Wrinkles. The cactus doesnt change much that I know of. Not that I check them seasonally or anything.It is 10pm here Friday night and I just picked up Dylan, Bailey and Brittany up from the Royal-Simi Football game. It was VERY crowded as usual. Royal beat Simi 24-0. Yay I guess.

But anyway, it is 83 degrees outstide. AT 10 OCLOCK! And very windy. There is a big fire in Santa Barbara that destroyed over 100 homes and part of a college (that Dylan played in a tournament at). Did I mention that I HATE the wind? Oh so it says on my computer that in Bozeman, it is 27 degrees. I hope you are inside and warm Kayla.

Tomorrow, we go to Mt. SAC again for State PreLims. It should be about 100. Fun. (not) Well now I am going to try to get some sleep if it is possible with everything outside blowing and banging around. Did I mention I hate the wind? I do. Goodnight.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

x-c pictures

That is X-C (cross country) pictures in case some perverts googled rated x pictures. If that is you then move along now and get some professional help please.

Now for the rest of you.. Bailey brought her pictures to me when she got in the car after school.
I brought her home then when Dylan called, I picked him up and brought him home.
I remembered the pictures and asked him where his were. "In the locker room"
You mean in your locker? "No, in front of my locker"
Grrrr. Back to school again.
Luckily they were still there and it was still opened.
So here they are. Bailey...
Buddy shot with Bri....And Dylan.....Worth the drive, I think. : )

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I mailed Kayla's card : )

The kids have been making me cards for my birthdays so I thought I would make Kayla one.

Since Kayla's birthday has passed, I would like to show mom the card that I made for her. I made it when I was in San Diego for Bailey's 9hr cheer practice. It didnt take 9hrs though.
I didnt take a picture of the inside but it was really cute too.

Not bad huh!
And here is the card that I bought for Shawn but never mailed.

On the inside it says Happy Birthday ROCK ON!

By the way, I am down to 16,000 pictures.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Kayla reminded me today that I have been slacking in the blogging department. I have been busy. Very busy.

I tried to put about 500 more pictures onto my computer last week. (one of the cross country moms gave me a device with all her pictures she took of the team to look at before we turned them in to the guy that is making the year end video).

My computer got angry and said NO MORE.
Or something like "not enough disk space"

So I checked to see how many pictures that I have accumulated since I got this scrawny weak poor excuse for a computer in late 2004.

17,843. Yes Seventeen Thousand pictures.

I have been trying to delete them ever since.

There were several baseball pictures of everyone on the teams, several cheer pictures of everyone on the teams and several running pictures of everyone on the teams. I am in the process of deleting all those other kids first then all the blurry, dumb ones of our kids.
(as you've seen in previous posts, Dylan takes a lot of dumb pictures: like picking his nose ones and making faces)

But I have taken breaks to take more pictures. (maybe it is a disease)
Here are a few showing Dylan's excessive compulsive side.

His medals all hung in a row on his closet rod.His sunglasses all in a row.

His uniform folded neatly underneath his numbers from races.And here is his painting of Steve Prefontaine that he painted in the beginning painting class he took at Moorpark College this summer.Yes I think he is obsessed with running. He watches you-tube of Olympic races over and over and over. I think I should take more pictures. heehee