Friday, February 20, 2009

That was a fast week. It was a pretty gloomy start, but is ending much better.

I was sick with a cold and it was cold and rainy. Not a good combination. My nose hurt so much, I almost was tempted to buy the kleenex with lotion in it. EWWW no way. The thought of blowing your nose in a keenex with lotion just grosses me out. That's just me.
I know how much Bailey loves the rain but enough already. On Tuesday there were a couple of pretty rainbows.
And on Wednesday you could see snow from our house.

Here it is with my zoom lens.

So close and yet so far. Seeing snow like that and the pictures of Bailey playing in it makes me kind of miss snow. Snowmen. Snowballs. Snow Angels. Slush in your boots. No wait. I don't miss it after all. Today its 70 degrees and sunny and things are looking bright again. I am thinking of repainting the living room.

Here is little miss sunshine ready for school this morning. Look how big that backpack is!

I am going to go be productive.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ugly Crows

I hate these birds. They are huge. They are loud. They SQUAWK. They remind me of Alfred Hitchcock. And they crap a lot. Yes, I hate them.

Big Bear

We let Bailey miss school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, last week to go to Big Bear with Hunter and her family. They were going to drive on Monday after school but there it was snowing and the roads were closed.
They got their homework from their teachers before they left and promised to run (for track)
in the snow.
Hunter ran in shorts and some little kids that were all bundled up waiting for the school bus were calling them crazy. Hunter's dad ran with them the first day but then decided to drive in the car while they ran the second day. After they ran, they went in the cabin and put on boots and then had a snow fight.

Bailey appreciated Hunter inviting her so much that she had to heave a huge chunk of snow at her head. Way to go Bailey!

The icicles were ginormous.
Notice Hunter running away in the background.

They went inner tubing. Here is Bailey, Hunter, her dad and little sister Dakota.Here Bailey wipes out. Pretty.The girls decided to climb a tree?(and waited half an hour in it till Hunter's mom took their picture)Here are the goofs back at Hunter's house with her dog Bri.

Happy Valentine's Day (one day late)

I didn't care much for Valentines Day this year. I got a bad cold and took Nyquil and spent most of they day sleeping. I am still tired and my head hurts today but am not going to take any more Nyquil. I am quite sure Bailey is not happy because I know how much she looks forward to getting presents especially candy. She is going to church now, so we will celebrate when she comes home.

Here are some cookies that I made for Kayla.

Here is the card I sent. (And it got there ON TIME) Here are some cookies I made for Bailey to take to school and Chris took some to work.My favorite...with a pig nose...This one is just creepy. It's my Friday the 13th Valentine...

Friday, February 13, 2009


This is the look that she gives me everyday. Everyday I eat a yogurt (Whips).
I do admit they are GOOD. I get the strawberry or the lime ones. From the
moment that I put the spoon in the container this is the look that she gives me.I think she is saying.... DONT EAT IT ALL...DONT EAT IT ALL..

Is this what you want?

Then for the next five minutes, she licks the container to the point that I think it is actually thinner than when she started.

She LOVEs this stuff.

Here she is the other day getting pelted by hail in the backyard. It hailed for about 5 minutes.

It didnt seem to bother her. She is tough. Or dumb. I guess in the picture you cant see the hail very well but they were pellet size.

When she came in, I dried her off and cleaned the mud off her feet.

She seemed cold so we covered her so she could be toasty warm sleeping. Nighty-night Wrinkles.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Winter Formal - Part 2

Bailey was so excited to go to her first Winter Formal. She talked about it for months.
We bought the shoes 3 months ago. Since she didn't have a date, we decided she should wear one of Kayla's old dresses.

Lexi came over to get ready together. She ended up wearing one of Bailey's dresses and a pair of Kayla's shoes. I straightened Bailey's hair and Lexi put the poof in it.

Tobi didn't have a date. He goes back to Germany this week so they took this picture with all the girls.

Here are some pictures of the girls...

Here is Bailey telling Tanner how short he is. He is not in the picture. That is Shannon."Don't I look adorable?"Dylan and Bailey were having such a good time that they even agreed to having a picture together.And here is Bailey and Aly.Bailey had fun, danced a lot and had a boy step on her toe and crack the nail in half. She had to go to the bathroom to clean the blood off her shoe. Good times. Good times.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dylan and Ally - Winter Formal

Royal's Winter Formal was Saturday. We bought Dylan a tux and some new shoes and he was all set. Buying a tux was cheaper than renting twice and prom is coming up soon. Dylan took Ally and they had a lot of fun together.

This was at Ally's house.Then everyone met at Taylor's house to wait for the limo. There were 34 kids in the limo.
Here are some of the guys...

Pinning on his flower was harder than it looks. Too much pressure..too many pictures...

Five minutes later...Her corsage was easy...

Success.... and lookin' good.Into the limo....

And off they went. Bailey went too. I will put her pictures up later.