Monday, June 30, 2008

Old Dog Learning New Tricks

Yes, I am the old dog. Trying to make my own blog. I think I will need help from some kids, but for now, I am winging it.

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Kayla said...

Hi, Mommy! Guess who's the first person to write on your blog. Come on, guess!
My room is almost clean, all I have to do is sweep and some more laundry and put the rug down and put the suitcases in storage. Ok maybe "almost" isn't the right word. Almost almost.
I went to the police station...and got a parking pass. Very anti-climatic.
I really like having the refridgerator, so thank you for giving it to me. :-) Thanks expescially for all the food to fill it with!
I will probably call you later to tell you about my classes, to you later!
I love you and I miss you very much.