Sunday, April 5, 2009

Royal vs Calabassas and Newbury Park

I know I have not put up pictures of a couple of the meets - like some League Meets and the Santa Barbara Relays last weekend. But I am going to skip forward to the League Meet against Newbury Park and Calabassas on Thursday. (Maybe -if I have time- I will put up pics of Santa Barbara later)

The meet started at 3pm at Royal and Bailey was scheduled to run the 800meter. They always run the 100 meter races first so I figured I'd get there about 3:15 to see her. Then at 5 min before 3, I got a text message from Dylan requesting a Subway. Hello My Good Friend Stress.
Rush Rush Rush. I did get there just in time to see her run.
I took pictures but really none were very flattering. She should really work on her race face a bit more. Ha ha. Here is a picture after.

She ran a 2 min 55 sec. 800 meters and a 6:31 1600 meters.

Dylan ran the 1600 meters and the 3200m. The 2 mile is one of the last races so we were there till 6:30 or 7pm and it got really cold. 50 something is real cold when it is windy and you are just sitting there. I did go and take pictures of the other events to turn in for the year end video.
Here is Dylan at the beginning of the mile race. It looks like they are all going to fall over.

Here he is after the race pretending to blow his nose in his jersey. Ha ha ha dylan you are so funny. :-/So funny.Here he is doing 2 minutes and 45 seconds of community service.Here are Coach Sramek (Bailey's Coach) and Coach Ream (Track Coach)And here is ChrisDylan -Before the 2 mile..Passing Collin...Dylan ran a 4:45.97 1600meters and 10:19.5 3200meters. Royal won the meet. There next meet is Tuesday.


Kayla said...

Ewwww, Dino's veins! Too much whey protein haha

Those are cute pictures of Bailey- and a really great 800 time! ( I like the pic of tanner following her like a puppy :-D ) Cute though!

Dylan's so funny, I forgot to laugh. OH BURN!!

P.S. Tell stress I say hey!

Kayla said...

That did NOT take him 2 minutes and 45 seconds...