Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day (I got nothin')

Yay. Dylan got his hair cut. I know this isn't the best picture, I paparazzi ed him as he was going out the door to go to school. It does look much better though. It was getting so long that I thought he might be growing it to donate to Locks of Love like Bailey did. OK so they didn't cut off 10 inches but they did cut at least 2 or 3.

When Bailey was ready for school, she was much more agreeable to getting her picture taken.

And here are a few things I picked up while out doing errands yesterday.

Easter is coming on fast and I HATE standing in that line at See's Candy so I picked these up early. (the littlest ones are Dove chocolate from Target but they wanted to be in the picture too)

And I needed to go to Trader Joe's to pick up some Milk Thistle. A supplement that the vet said that Wrinkles needs to start taking cause she is getting old. ? Hmm I wonder if I should take some too? Anyway, they had these daffodils on sale for 10 for only $1.25. I bought 20. Very pretty and only $2.50. Nice.And here she is. The old girl. Come here and take your Milk Thistle!If I think of an April Fools joke to play on you, I'll be back later but I doubt it.


Kayla said...

Here's a good one- Why don't you tell me to have a bad day? And then say "April Fools"! That would be soooooo funny. Hilarious, in fact.

colleenk said...

that IS a goood one!

Anonymous said...

Betsy, (at 49), told me she was pregnant today and I BELIEVED her!

colleenk said...

Hey Kayla, Guess what? I am pregnant! You are going to be a sister!

Anonymous said...

Who's the father?

Nancy said...

No good April Fool's jokes! You are slipping!
Well, no joke, you are the only one I have given my blog address to! I'll get braver.
Since you already got your Easter bunnies I think you can be away for Easter, don't you!
Velo (recently found out myself) is French for Bicycle. I have only learned Bicyclette. So Velopainter bicycle painter - sort of. Combines my loves. I stole the idea from "Veloknitter". Not so terribly clever.