Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guess who is 18?


Messy Always had that look of "why are you taking my picture?"Always good natured even when I made him wear ridiculous clothes that I made for him.Loved his cowboy boots- not just for Halloween.

And always a good sport.

That's right... Dylan is 18 years old. Happy Birthday D!

We got him a long board to get around on when he leaves for college in the fall. Yep-No car.

Me and Bailey went to IG Skate shop to buy this. I am sure when we walked in there, all these skater guys were thinking "what are these uncool people doing in here?" They have a half pipe in the store and I was afraid I was gonna get run over. hahaWe got him some shades from there too..cause his future is looking bright!I baked some cupcakes and a little cake. His favorite yellow with choc. frosting.He had some friends over to watch movies and ate In n out for dinner.Happy Birthday Dylan! Thanks for 18 great years.

Lilly says Happy Birthday too.

And the Easter Bunny IS alive although he looked terribly afraid of the squirrel that was


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I have ever seen a person who is soooo recognizable from his baby pictures!!!! Great pictures!


....and Happy Easter to everyone!

Nancy said...

AH, I remember when Dylan was that cute little guy!
Cool long board!
And on the Easter Bunny..You are a very disturbed person!

colleenk said...

IIII didnt kill the little guy!!!
IIII didnt set up the scene!!!
III didnt take the picture!!!
Sooooo if IIIII am very disturbed for only posting said picture....then there is SOMEONE OUT THERE that is even more disturbed than me!!!! MWAHAHAAA >>>>(I did bite the other bunnies and set them up..quite tasty =:D

Kayla said...

hahaha did you really set those up?! that's cool.

Happy birthday, dylan...i know, i know- i'm early. but you know i like to stay on top of these things!

Uncle Shawn said...

The picture of Mom wandering around aimlessly and the picture with the umbrella with no rain in sight might be enough proof to finally get her put away! What do you think?