Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Granny Annie And Grampa Jim

Grandma and Grandpa are here having a nice visit. Grandpa runs everymorning at 8am.
Here is Grandpa deciding whether or not he should push Grandma in the pool.Here is grandma wandering in the backyard, being stalked by the great hunter Wrinkles.

Bailey asked me what Grandma was doing and I told her she is senile and she probably wont remember what she is doing anyway and Bailey told her what I said. Good thing they are at my house and I am not at theirs. She can't kick me out. haha
Arent they cute here?

Hopefully, Dylan will get to run with Grandpa before they leave. League Finals are today. We will get to see Dylan run. But it is hot. About 85 degrees..not happy about that. Hope we dont burn.


Kayla said...

hahaha- senile must run in the family! :-P

Wrinkles looks oh so scary.

Dylan looks like a handsome little devil. like a devil, anyway- especially in the prom pictures with the stick.

Hope he does great at league finals! im sure he will :-)

Nancy said...

Wow, you published that! I guess you parents don't read your blog.

I'm surprised at how much Dylan looks like your dad.

Great pictures. they are such a good looking couple.

Kayla said...

I agree- Grandma and Grandpa are such a good looking couple...oh and so are Dylan and Wrinkles.