Monday, May 18, 2009

Catching Up

Way back on May 8th, before Kayla came home from school, Bailey and Dylan had a track meet at Moorpark. League Finals. They both ran the 2 mile. Bailey was first.

Bailey started out toooo fast. The announcer kept saying "and Bailey Kirchberg is in the lead",

Bailey Kirchberg is still in the lead" "That's a 100 second lap for Bailey Kirchberg".

She stayed in front for the first 4 1/2 laps and then couldn't keep up with the pace.

She had even written on her hand the times she needed to keep her pace at, but said she forgot to look at it. She ended up in 5th place. Out of 17 or 18. Still, pretty good.

Dylan finished up the year coming in last place in the 2mile. He had passed one guy in the 7th lap but got passed in the 8th to lose. This was the very first time he came in last place and he took it pretty well. Someone's gotta be last. At least he looks good.

Bailey's race was the first one of the meet at 3pm and Dylan's was the Last race about 7pm so we watched Bailey and left and ate dinner at the Elephant Bar and then came back for Dylan. It was too hot to stay and watch everybody else. It was in the high 80's at 3 but cooled off by 7 and was in the lower 70's. Hot Cold Hot Cold Why cant it just stay 75?


Anonymous said...

We heard about your new best friend, you know, the guy who didn't like grandma and grandpa's umbrella! Where is HIS picture?

Great job Dylan and Bailey!

colleenk said...

you can google the word a-h@!* to find his picture