Monday, March 30, 2009

Poof Gone

I am just slipping- no falling falling falling further into the abyss that is BEHIND. Further and further and further behind. Kayla was here 2 weeks ago. Came and went. Poof Gone. Poof 2 weeks gone. So much to do.
I miss her. But time is flying and she will be back in May. :-)

And I even miss him. This is Kayla's good friend Jon that came here for spring break. It was fun having a full house again. A perfect guest, he even likes pancakes. He is welcome here anytime now. Rebbecca stopped by to say goodbye again.And we had lunch with Darlene before they started on the 17 hour trip back.Am counting the days till May. 38? 39? Well I guess I am not really counting down yet but it is approximately 40 days?


Anonymous said...

How's college going Kayla? Is this your junior year? I lose track so easy!

(You sure are a beauty!)

Nancy said...

I know how to help take your mind off counting and made the time go faster....!

Nancy said...

Oh ya, Check out

Kayla said...

Hi, Aunt Mary! College is good- really busy, but good :-) It's actually only my second year, but I'm technically a junior haha

I don't know about beauty, but if I am it's thanks to my mom! haha

colleenk said...

hi Mary how are you? me? oh I'm fine Thanks for asking
hi Kayla how are you? me? oh I'm just great! Just reading MY comments on MY blog.

ok just IS april fools day

Kayla said...

Soooo....Nancy. What's up?