Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gordons Retirement

We went to Gordon's Retirement Party on Friday night at the Reagan Library.

It was impressive. He recieved letters from President Bush, The Govenator, The Mayor, Assemblymen, Senators, and even the Fire Dept. gave him an honorary
firehat and badge. Very Impressive. He seems too young for retirement, but I'm sure he'll keep busy.

The bartenders were from his favorite bar in Vegas and they did amazing tricks with the bottles. It was fun to watch. And they had an 80s band, (which is one of the few genres of music that I hate). But it they were good and it was fun.

We had to leave early because Bailey had to be at school at 5am Saturday for


Kayla said...

Beautiful pictures....except, someone's missing....Where's Wrinkles?!?!?!

Kayla said...

Now you have a picture of yourself!

P.S. I like Bailey's dress :-)