Sunday, September 21, 2008

Woodbridge 08

Bailey and Dylan had to be at school at 12:30 to leave on the bus. (they didnt get home till 1:30am) It was a long day!
Bailey ran with the other sophomores at 5:45pm.
Very nervous
Here at the start.......>
Angry Face...................>
She finished with a time of 22:43
96th out of 201
They gave medals to the top 90. So she missed by 6. (same as last weeks race at Mt. sac...they gave medals to top 40 and she was 46th.)
She improved her time from last year by 2 minutes.

She ran with Sara, Myat and Stephanie.

Jessica, Aly, Bailey and Bri.........Tomorrow I will post about Dylan cause I am tired and it is 11pm


Kayla said...

Whoa, Bailey looks super intense :-) (and not the ones of her and her friends) No wonder her time improved by TWO MINUTES!!! That's awesome.

Kayla said...

What's with coach's hair? He looks like a vagabond.

colleenk said...

Looks like she got a teeeny tiny little portion of your intensity from when you raced! Tiny little. YOU were intense.