Monday, September 29, 2008

The Great Brown Hunter

Wrinkles used to be quite the hunter. She would regularly bring me dead rabbits and dead birds. She even brought a roadrunner once :.-(
She's fought coyotes, snakes, a great dane (and lost) in the past. But lately she seems to be content hunting lizards in the backyard. She's getting on in years and tires easily.(like me haha)

Whenever I go out to water the flowers she comes out with me and goes right into hunting mode. Then, when I am done (about 10 minutes) she is exhausted and comes into the airconditioned house and naps for about 5 hours!!

Most of the time, I dont even think there are lizards there!Resting after Not Finding any Lizards

She seems to be happy though.

Maybe she will find one later.

Time for a nap.

Oh and Hi Mary! Welcome to my blog. Haha Sounds weird. But, Yay I like comments. Now there is you AND Kayla!


Anonymous said...

He is such an AWESOME hunter! Did you hear Jessey and Jay got a new dog? He is a little puppy named Dignam. (Yes, Dignam!) He is a Boston Terrier and Jessey is totally smitten!

colleenk said...

Mary, You should start posting pictures. It is soooo easy that I can do it.
Where did they get the name Dignam from. That is so funny.
Here Dignam! Here Dignam.
Almost as silly as Here Wrinkles!

Kayla said...

What a champ!

Kayla said...

She's not a chump! She's a champ!