Friday, September 26, 2008

Royal vs Simi X-C

Royal's first league meet was Thursday against Simi HS.

Dylan ran first at 3:30pm. It was close to 100 degrees.

He didnt get to run varsity because Hayden had beat him by 10 seconds at the last race.

These are his new racing flats.

Because it was soo hot, Dylan

Poured water over his head

before the race.

At the start line.

At the first part of the race Thomas was right there with Dylan.

Then I think his name is Collin, passed Dylan. Sean was saying Collin would win but Christian was betting on Dylan.

But in the end Dylan finished STRONG. and Won the race.This is the first X-C race he has won. Go Dylan!


Kayla said...

Sweet flats- no wonder he is so fast! :-)

First Place! Go Dylan!

Anonymous said...

Hey Colleen,
Just checking out your blog! What good looking kids...they must take after the MCMANUS side of the family! Congrats to Dylan on his win! GO DYLAN! It's funny, because Riley is growing his hair kind of long, too!

I made this page a favorite, so I hope to check in again frequently!
See ya,