Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sweet 60's Homecoming

Saturday was a busy day for Bailey. She got up and went to Challenger Park for the Hillathon.
After running up and down the hill 10 times she came home, took a half hour nap, showered and went to Cheerforce for a 5 hour practice. Then she came home and showered again and was off to school for the Homecoming Dance. I think she looks very 60s. (and yes, she is wearing shorts under that VERY short dress)

I got her these boots from Payless for 10$. The calves were too big so I sewed them smaller.

The total outfit was 40$ including the jewelry. Notice the peace sign earrings.


Kayla said...

Ahhhh!!!! When I grow up I wanna look like Bailey!!!!

colleenk said...

oh Kayla, stop that. You are already done growing haha and you are already gorgeous.
If it makes you feel better - at the dance Bailey had to take off her boots because she was too tall to dance with the boys!
You are great just as you are.