Saturday, March 7, 2009

Still Painting

Still not done painting. Almost but not done yet. I get distracted and a two day project becomes a week long project. (or yearlong in the case of my 2 color bedroom. heehee)

I have an active imagination coupled with a little boredom and this is what you get.

The walls have eyes. I could write a screenplay but I don't have time. I am busy painting you know.

That was also a little glimpse of our new chandelier.

When I got done painting that wall, I whipped up this one.

Hahaha. jkjk. I fooled you. I didn't paint that. I got it off the Internet. It IS painted by an artist named James Way. I first saw a painting of his on HGTVs Vern Yip's Deserving Design show and googled him. He paints cool clouds too.

Changing subjects, we came home last Saturday night to find these girl scout cookies on our front porch. After checking them for ants, brought them in and have been trying not to eat them all too quickly. They lasted one week. 8 boxes. They are all gone except for a couple thin mints and half a box of the kind with coconut. (who ordered coconut cookies anyway??)

They would probably be all gone, but Bailey had a movie night last night and Taylor requested my chocolate chip cookies so I baked a batch. I cant refuse requests for cookies.

And here is Wrinkles. Sophie was calling her Freckles. Get it right Sophie. W.r.i.n.k.l.e.s. :)


Nancy Weeks said...

Yep, I bought it! I thought you painted a frog on your wall!
At least you are doing productive things! Went bike riding to practice getting my feet out of the clippy things and fell yet again! The clippy things go!

Kayla said...

Hi mom! Sorry, I took so long to post a comment....It's been, like, a day, I know. :-)

Kayla said...

Cool frog.

Kayla said...

Sophie is such a flippin MORON!

colleenk said...

ah there's my Kayla

colleenk said... nice

Kayla said...

I was kidding! She's not a moron. But, unfortunately, she's french which is probably worse.