Monday, March 23, 2009

Twilight Invitational

Last Saturday was the Royal Twilight Invitational Track Meet. (No vampires)
It was odd that with that name the events started at 8am.
Bailey was first to run at 10am.

She ran the 800meter frosh/soph. in 2:56:84 and came in 29th out of 57.

It was perfect weather for running. In the sixties and overcast.
This is a picture of Alyssa(on the right) and Nicole running together. Alyssa is blind. A lot of the girls help her so she can run. Nicole runs at Alyssa's pace and they are tied together with the belt. There have been news organizations coming to school to report about her. The Today show interviewed her a couple weeks ago. She runs the mile race. It is pretty amazing and awesome.

Dylan ran the Varsity 800meters next.

He ran a 2:13:12 and came in 22nd out of 51.

Here's Bailey before the 1600 race. She ran a 6:24:18 mile and came in 38th out of 65.

Lexi didn't run (shin splints) but cheered on Bailey.Then at about 3pm, Dylan ran the mile. He ran 4:46:67 and came in 18th out of 65.

I like this picture.

Christian took Hunter's blanket. Bailey was pulling Christian's hair and he was pulling her hair. I think there must be a rule against such behavior at a school event ?Then at 7:30pm, Dylan ran the 4X400 with Chris, Roger and James. There time was 3:48:44.Dylan and AlyKayla got to school at 9pm just as everyone was leaving.

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