Sunday, March 1, 2009

Track Meet

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. Went to Royal to videotape Chris G. playing baseball so he can send it to a college. Got there at 9am.
(then found out the game didn't start till 10am grrr)

Then we went to see Dylan run at a track meet at Cal State Northridge. We got there too late to see him run the 800meters. We couldn't find the track or a place to park. When we got there he had just finished. We stayed to watch him run the 1600.

Lacing up his legit spikes. (that is what he calls them)

He jumps high....

I was debating whether I would even put these pictures up here. Those....shorts....are.....soooo......(For lack of a better word) GAY. I am sorry. And I know that most gay people would even refuse to wear these. Dylan came home from a meet with 3 pair of these shorts and was proud that they were only 3 for $20. They are so short and his white legs.... and practically see-thru. I told him he probably shouldn't wear them in public. But here he is. (and Sean has the same pair haha)

They might mysteriously get lost in the laundry.I should try to focus...forget the gay shorts forget the shorts forget theOK I'm better. Sorry for the outburstsDylan ran really well. In the 800m he ran 2minutes and 11 seconds.

And he ran a 4:49 mile. (A full mile Uncle Shawn :)

Coach was happy. And he felt strong finishing so this was a good start to the track season. I just gotta get rid of those shorts. : )

Oh and this guy won the race. He ran a 4:18 mile and didn't even break a sweat.

Oh and Chris got a $35.00 parking ticket.


Kayla said...

What college did Chris send the video to? You are such a good mom :-)

So he paid money for those? Or did he buy a $20 box of tissues and make 3 pairs himself?

Um. Wow. Those shorts make me die a little every time I see them...So now I'm significantly closer to death, thanks Dylan. Like the grey hairs weren't enough.

Ok, at least he's fast :-) Those are great times! For a gay guy. Good job!

Nancy Weeks said...

I'm pretty sure my brother has another pair of those shorts left from the 70s if Dylan wants a spare!!

Matthew Pierson said...

those shorts are so flaming! even I wouldn't be caught dead in those! :P