Monday, March 9, 2009

Meet Daisy

We went to Royal again Saturday to videotape Chris. But he only played two innings. We didn't stay long after because it kills me a little bitty bit watching baseball without Dylan playing.
I did get to meet Daisy.
Meet Daisy.....

"you know you love me"

Say "Hi" Daisy


Bailey ........."please no more paparazzi"

Hey Kayla guess what we had for dinner last night.


Dontchawantsome? Guess you'll have to come home soon and get some.

We also had strawberries on steroids. You cant tell by the picture but this one was at least 3 inches across. mmmmm don'tchawant some?


Kayla said...

Yes! I'm number 1 ;-)

That alleged dog makes me want to kick something....I KNOW it has a high pitched whine of a bark.


Nancy Weeks said...

Yum!! I want Strawberries!

Check out this blog.
She is on a bike trip with 18 other women from San Diego to FL. Gordon's friend, Don's Aunt Jan is on the ride. That's how I found this blog and several other riders.