Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Best Day of the year

Got up at 6:00am. Left house at 7. Drove a bit over an hour. Arrived at Garr High School at 8:15am. Could only see soccer players. Made a phone call. Dylan got the time wrong. An hour early. Sat in the car for an hour watching soccer players. But I was HAPPY. Dylan played baseball for the first time in 6 months.
Chris Graves is still playing for Royal H.S., but coaches don't play him much. So he joined this other team where he plays on weekends. He's asked D. several times to play but this is the first time he agreed. So here are some pics.....

He walked. Then Chris hit a home run. Here he is scoring.

He pitched one inning and did surprisingly well. (for not picking up a ball -6 mos.)

They made 3 errors! while Dylan was pitching. (one inning!) He threw to first and got the runner caught in a pickle but the second baseman didn't tag him. That happened twice. He struck out this guy. And didn't walk any.He walked twice and struck out once. There was no umpire and the catcher made the calls.Don't even know the score. Don't really care. We didn't win. Just was happy to be in the stands watching Dylan playing baseball again on a beautiful day.And looks like he was having fun. : )Then we drove home and got stuck in traffic. And it was our 20th anniversary. We also went to lunch with Chris, Cheryl and Harold. Just like old times. It was great and Cheryl was looking healthy and felt good and her hair is starting to grow back. So it was a great day.


Anonymous said...

That DOES sound like a great day! Good to hear Dylan played ball again. Riley took up the game because of him! (I think he would get jealous that grandpa and grandma would talk about Dylan's games so he figured he would get in on the action!)

And the picture of Dylan sleeping....priceless!

Kayla said...

Hi, Mom! What's up?

Kayla said...

That first picture looks like he's gonna smash someone's brains in.