Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ummmm More Cookies?

Made more "new year's cookies. I made the peanutbutter/chocolate kiss ones when a bunch of kids were here the other night, then realized Christian is allergic to peanut butter so I made the marshmallow wreaths for him. They were good. But they are kinda ruining that ol' eating healthy thing.

I finally made mom's birthday card and actually mailed it. : ) (she should have gotten it by the time she sees this). Happy Birthday to the best mom ever! yea yea it's late, but I inherited that trait from her!
Dylan went running in the morning and when I realized he hadn't come home after an extra hour or so, Bailey said "oh, he's in the car in the driveway".
Sound asleep!
Look I took a picture of Dylan and he didn't give "the angry look" or "the dorky look"

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Kayla said...


Your cookies are a hit- almost gone! :-) Jon and Jenna both love them....oh, and I think they're all right, too.