Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've been letting Dylan take the car to school since Kayla went back to school. When he drives, I am stuck at home all day, but since I broke my toe, I haven't really wanted to go out much anyway. But it does get boring sitting around the house all day trying to keep my foot up. So much for running everyday. As I was saying...I get bored so when they came home in the afternoon, I hobbled to the door to take their picture. Dylan is pretty quick to hide.

Bailey is always nice enough to bring in the mail.

And because I have been a little down (with Kaylabeinggoneitis...thanks for diagnosing that Mary :) ) and uglybrokentoe hurting...I decided to pretend that it's my birthday and baked cupcakes with cheery sprinkles.

That brought me out of my slump if only for the chocolate 15 minute sugar rush.
I only made 12 because that's all that fits in the oven, so I made a little cake too.
Chris wanted that "cupcake".

I had this one... (OK . nobody believes me any way, I confess..I had 3)

Saturday, Hunter came over after running in the morning. I guess they brought souvenirs from the run??? I told Bailey she could NOT keep them in her room.

Dylan and Chris worked on cutting down the monster tree and are almost done. Dylan got something in his eye so he had to stop and rinse it out. Luckily, it was OK.

It was hot..that is his shirt on his head.

Dylan then spent a lengthy amount of time designing this car on x-box so that he could drive it in the game and smash it to bits.

Very Gangsta.

OK, I just checked and it is actually absenceofkaylaitis that I am suffering from...all those big medical terms..just got confused. Oh and Mary...that was not a very nice thing to say about my salads!!! : )


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you broke your toe! I hope it heals fast. Sorry about the comment about your salad, but I call them as I see them! (You don't want to hear what Pat wanted to post a picture of!)

I must say the cupcakes looked yummy!

colleenk said...

I want to know what Pat wanted to post a picture of.

Kayla said...

Dang, my comment didn't post! Sorry, I said something along the lines of....
I'm sorry your toe still hurts, hopefully you are icing it (but I know you're not). Also, the cupcakes look delicious. You only ate 3? What is this, amateur hour?

Why doesn't Hunter just wear those leafy greens to winter formal?

I wish I was home- the tree would have been finished a while ago- minus the "IGOTATINYPIECEOFDUSTINMYEYEMOMMY!" drama

Anyway- hope you feel better soon!

Oh, yeah- Bailey is such a mom. :-)