Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday 1.19.09

We got this picture in the mail on Saturday. (no mail today cause of Martin Luther King holiday)
I scanned it so I could put it on here. Kirchberg Family Reunion. Chicago 8.08.08

I am with Chris in the back row. Bailey and Kayla are on the lower right and Dylan is wearing his brown baseball hat mid-left toward the top.

Today Bailey and Dylan got up and ran their Monday run and Bailey gave me this flower when she got home. OK not really. She had it in her hair and then threw it on the floor when she was going to go shower. I picked it up and put it in the cup. And pretend that she picked it for me.

I made more cookies today. But that's it. I'm done. Without running, I will become a cow if I keep this up and then I will have to listen to Shawn call me Cow. So this is the last of the cookies for a while. These are the pie crust/cinnamon/walnuts/honey/sugar/lemon and chocolate ones.

Got a little somethin on your teeth there Bailey.

Dylan got his haircut today and when I wanted to take a picture, I got a bunch of nothing shots.

Typical goofy faces....until I reminded him that he will be needing a tux for the Winter Formal and money to go and............and then I got a smile. A nervous smile, but still a smile. I am getting better.

I still think he needs another haircut.


Nancy Weeks said...

You are such a good Mom! You get your kids hair cut, bake them cookies and cupcakes and even take them to the dentist! You are making me look bad!

colleenk said...

Lets be real. :)
Dylan went to get his haircut by himself. The cookies and the cupcakes were eaten mostly by me and I only take them to the dentist so her teeth dont fall out.
(if I didnt bake so much junk, maybe there would not be so many cavities)

Kayla said...

That's one good-lookin family...KIRCHBERGS RULE! AND WE'RE COOL!

I'm sure Bailey just forgot to give you the flower in her haste to brush the dirt off her teeth...

Hey! You are a great mom- it's not your fault that Bailey uses frosting when she "brushes".

Wait a sec...Hair cut! What hair cut? He looks like a shaggy dog...jk! but seriously. Oh well, I guess he's got the Humbolt thing goin.

Glad to see you're feeling better- got a picture out of Dylan, that's probably it. :-)

I miss you, I love you!

Nancy Weeks said...

So I baked cupcakes myself tonight - they tasted terrible! I better go back to the mom that makes her kid eat cereal!