Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Last Rose

If you thought it funny seeing Dylan sound asleep in the car last week, then you will like this one......

The other day I came into the kitchen and saw Dylan laying on the table.
"get off the table Dylan. People eat on it. Dylan get off. Dylan. DYLAN." ah but he didn't hear me.
Sound asleep. I guess he was studying for Calculus....and

Bailey was excited to hear that the weather forecast called for rain. She loves the rain. Loves to run in the rain. She was happy to be able to wear a scarf to school. And was dissapointed when it did not rain during running practice. Although the next day it did rain and she was happy to run in it and I was not so happy to clean the muddy clothes. She is hoping for more rain this week.

Yesterday, Chris was pruning the rosebushes and brought this lovely flower in to me.

It is the last one for a while cause he cut them all way back. Beautiful December Rose.


Kayla said...

HAHAHA! Ok, that's funny....I set it as my computer background, hahaha. How does that even happen?!

Bailey looks adorable, of course- she was bragging (i mean telling) about running in the mud...

a beautiful rose for a beautiful mom :-)

Kayla said...

"The Last Rose"....that's very poetic :-)