Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Cookies

Happy New Year!

2009. wow.

I've made a couple resolutions, but will most likely not stick to them. I try. I try. I try.

The first one is to not have such a defeatist attitude. Must stay positive. haha No, that ll never happen.!
I have been exercising. Both days. That's a start.

I need to exercise because I am just getting around to making all those Christmas or New Year cookies. : )

These were soooo good.

Bailey was my helper. She decorated a lot of them but kept saying hers weren't as "good" as mine. Please Bailey, this was my try at an angel. Looks more like a Halloween cookie to me.

In between frostings, she had to check her My Space to make sure she wasn't missing anything.The best part was eating them.

OK, I guess I should probably try to eat healthier too.


Anonymous said...

I would like to put in an order for two dozen Halloween cookies next fall....


Uncle Shawn said...

Please send me 3 dozen Halloween cookies, but send now, not in the fall.

colleenk said...

I will put that on my to do list. haha