Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big Bear

We let Bailey miss school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, last week to go to Big Bear with Hunter and her family. They were going to drive on Monday after school but there it was snowing and the roads were closed.
They got their homework from their teachers before they left and promised to run (for track)
in the snow.
Hunter ran in shorts and some little kids that were all bundled up waiting for the school bus were calling them crazy. Hunter's dad ran with them the first day but then decided to drive in the car while they ran the second day. After they ran, they went in the cabin and put on boots and then had a snow fight.

Bailey appreciated Hunter inviting her so much that she had to heave a huge chunk of snow at her head. Way to go Bailey!

The icicles were ginormous.
Notice Hunter running away in the background.

They went inner tubing. Here is Bailey, Hunter, her dad and little sister Dakota.Here Bailey wipes out. Pretty.The girls decided to climb a tree?(and waited half an hour in it till Hunter's mom took their picture)Here are the goofs back at Hunter's house with her dog Bri.


Kayla said...

haha they are crazy!!! Looks like fun though...if Bailey ever came to visit me, she would hopefully be miserable so I would be spared the chunk of snow.

Those icicles are definately ginormous :-) Run, Hunter, run!!!

The inner tubing looks scary, that must've hurt. Those little spider-monkeys!

Kayla said...

That is not a "dog".

Jon P Sand said...

looks like they are getting more snow there than we are here!

bailey said...

that is so a dog!! it is thee cutest dog ever well besides wrinkles and its so fluffy!! haha and only because i love you would i throw a chunk of snow at you no matter what :D only because i love you!!

Kayla said...


Great, now I have to watch my comments ;-D