Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day (one day late)

I didn't care much for Valentines Day this year. I got a bad cold and took Nyquil and spent most of they day sleeping. I am still tired and my head hurts today but am not going to take any more Nyquil. I am quite sure Bailey is not happy because I know how much she looks forward to getting presents especially candy. She is going to church now, so we will celebrate when she comes home.

Here are some cookies that I made for Kayla.

Here is the card I sent. (And it got there ON TIME) Here are some cookies I made for Bailey to take to school and Chris took some to work.My favorite...with a pig nose...This one is just creepy. It's my Friday the 13th Valentine...


Kayla said...

Oh no- I'm sorry you're not feeling well- did I get you sick?! candy definately helps....sees, especially.

The package wasn't on time- it was EARLY! :-) Thanks again for that, made my week. Month.

You are such a good mom! hahaha I love the little piggy cookie. Kind of fitting.
As for the others... Two words....NIGHT. MARES!!!

Jon P Sand said...

mmm those cookies were good. kayla was nice enough to share them with me! happy late v day!