Monday, February 2, 2009


First week of February. Lets see... How many New Years Resolutions did I make?
Exercise more......broke I broke that one
Eat healthy.....was bored so I baked cookies...a lot of cookies....broke that one
Don't have a defeatist attitude....broke other resolutions so I'm a loser...broke that one
I think I was going to get organized.......hahahaha
I guess I just don't like being told what to do....even if it is by me.
Whatever. It's February. Let's just get on with the year. OK
And by the way....
(thanks Mary for your comments, and to the rest of you......shame)
I asked Bailey to get out the stuff to make choc. chip cookies. This is how she did...

Nice balancing skills. Notice the stick of margarine on top. That is skill. (I am still mad that I have to write margarine instead of Parkay, since no stores here sell Parkay anymore after 20 years of perfecting my just stop selling key ingredient...unforgivable....sob....sob)

Here is cute Wrinkles looking all puppyish for me and waiting for a piece of Panda Express' Orange Chicken. Now that Kayla is back at school, there are leftovers to give Wrinkles. When Kayla is home there are NO leftovers.

I made a card for Bailey to give to Lexi for her birthday...Inside....Now I am going to go make cookies. Then will come back..I have pictures from yesterday..Dylan played baseball again.

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Kayla said...

it's kinda funny that you call this post "Random". Because they others are....????
Anyway....Bailey should be an architecture! She has a natural intuition for structure.
Cookies sound delicious, they're more than fine without parkay.
Although I prolly shouldn't comment on food because apparently I'm a....leftover eater? thanks a lot! sob....sob