Monday, February 2, 2009


Saturday, Chris told the kids they had to go outside and pull weeds out of the rock area.
I guess that is part of being a parent because I remember as kids we all had and area that we had to weed regularly. My spot was by the house. I had to weed the tomatoes. I remember also that I hated it.
Bailey and Dylan started pulling weeds so I went out to help and was surprised at how easily the came up. The whole area was like a swamp. Great for weeding. Not so great for our water bill.
After investigating, Chris found a pipe on the hill was leaking. He and Dylan dug and dug until it was dark. He had to turn off the water to the house until Sunday morning.

No water stinks. Literally. No shower. Only one flush for each toilet. Then I remembered to use bottled water to pour in the back of the toilet. I thought it was fixed because they turned the water back yesterday. Today, Marco came over to work in the yard, and while I was in the shower...yes the water turned off again. GRRRRRRR. I still had conditioner in my hair so I had to go get a gallon of bottled water and pour it over my head. You would think room temperature water would not be so cold but it was Shocking COLD! BRRRR. It is fixed now though. I think.

And Kayla, this is a garden gnome. (and see the flooded weeds?) This is NOT a garden gnome. Stay away. Far away, especially if it is speaking to you!


Kayla said...

Aw....what an adorable little gnome! Sitting on a shelf... :-)

Maybe you should make the ugly garden gnome pull the weeds haha

That's a bummer about the water....I'll send you some melted snow.

Dylan and Dad are quite the hard-workers these days!

Wait a sec...You used to grow tomatoes?!

Jon P Sand said...

Weeds is a really good TV show about a soCal house mom, check it out

Nancy Weeks said...

You'd think when you have the keys to your neighbors house, and you know they are out of town, and your water is off....!