Monday, February 9, 2009

Winter Formal - Part 2

Bailey was so excited to go to her first Winter Formal. She talked about it for months.
We bought the shoes 3 months ago. Since she didn't have a date, we decided she should wear one of Kayla's old dresses.

Lexi came over to get ready together. She ended up wearing one of Bailey's dresses and a pair of Kayla's shoes. I straightened Bailey's hair and Lexi put the poof in it.

Tobi didn't have a date. He goes back to Germany this week so they took this picture with all the girls.

Here are some pictures of the girls...

Here is Bailey telling Tanner how short he is. He is not in the picture. That is Shannon."Don't I look adorable?"Dylan and Bailey were having such a good time that they even agreed to having a picture together.And here is Bailey and Aly.Bailey had fun, danced a lot and had a boy step on her toe and crack the nail in half. She had to go to the bathroom to clean the blood off her shoe. Good times. Good times.


Kayla said...

Bloody good times. :-) When did our baby grow up?! And more importantly... when is my turn?!

Bailey looks beautiful, but what's new. The hair came out great, I had my doubts, but I really like it. Lexi's looks really good, too.

Tobi is such a player! What's with Taylor though? She's all over him (myspace haha) Must be the accent that makes her forget about Clinton, she's usually so nice to him!

I love the picture of Dylan and Bailey- they look so happy!

Oh, just one more thing. "Since she didn't have a date, we decided she should wear one of Kayla's old dresses.".......................................???? What does that even mean?!

Anonymous said...

Lol! Since she didn't have a date...?

That WAS funny!

Boy are they good looking young people! It brings back memories of Jessey and John going to proms and homecomings and such...

Next will be...(sob, sob), (choke)...RILEY!!!

colleenk said...

Ha ha didnt really mean anything. sorry.I guess it does sound kinda bad haha. (nervous laughter) I didnt want to buy her a new dress. Thats all.
And Riley will be like Tobi..

Nancy Weeks said...

Wow! I am really behind on reading this. Dylan and Bailey both looked great.