Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Baseball Sunday

Dylan played for the Eaters Sunday.

It was a perfect day to watch a baseball game. About 75ish and sunny.

A hit up the middle.

Get back.

Getting picked off 1st. (yes that is a girl coaching 1st base)

But the next batter got a hit and needed a runner so the coach put him back on base. (to redeem himself?)

Here he is scoring.

Here is his second hit.He bunted for an RBI, struck out, and got 2 hits. Played second base 5innings and centerfield 4...(I think)...Had 3 putouts and made a double play. And got cleated during the double play. The Eaters beat the Valencia Tigers (a highschool varsity team) 10-4. (I think)

The Estes' came to see us and watch the game. It was great seeing them all again!

Checking out the damage...

Sticking his smelly feet in Jake's face.Hello, we are leaving..Quiznos had foot long sandwiches for 5$ because it was Superbowl Sunday, so we went there with the Graves and Estes'.Then we drove home (hour & a quarter drive) and did not watch the Superbowl. Because I do not watch football.


Kayla said...

Aw, that sounds like so much fun! Just like the good ol days, huh....

I like the picture of Dylan in Quiznos- he is DEFINATELY having fun, despite what he may say :-) Probably because he gets ANOTHER cool scar! Not fair!

I didn't watch the superbowl either- i must get that from you. :-) Or, not get it, rather...

Oh, yeah, Bailey looks cute :-)

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures of Dylan at his ball game. Scenes like that seem soooooo far away here in Michigan right now. We have so much snow on the ground and the global warming is such a good thing because when it is 1 degree here, (like yesterday), I shudder to think what it would have been if we hadn't warmed up the globe...

As far as the weeding pictures, I can tell your kids put ALL their effort into their work. Bailey barefoot, Dylan in socks.... I could tell they were planning and preparing before they got out there! ;) Whenever Pat's going to do a job like weeding,(which he has never done, but I know what he would do to prepare so I will enlighten you), he puts on knee pads, slathers himself with sunblock, finds real good sunglasses, (preferably that wrap around the sides of his head to protect his eyes), assembles assorted weeding tools, has a refuse container on hand, makes sure he has plenty of hydrating liquids nearby, and don't forget the garden gloves!

If you read that whole book you must be bored!

Have a great day!