Monday, October 13, 2008


I really really really hate the wind.
It it killing my flowers.

Our new little trees probably wont make it.

It broke our gate. It blew over flower pots. It blew over our umbrellas. And now the fire is messing up the air. Stupid wind.

The fire is about 8 miles from here. The freeway is closed. Somebody died in a car accident on the freeway earlier because of all the smoke. Its burned several homes and the winds are going to get worse tonight. These pictures were taken earlier today. There is much more smoke now. My eyes are burning and I am in the house. Outside stinks. Bailey didnt have to run cross country practice after school today but the varsity teams and Dylan went in cars somewhere to run. I dont know where. He hasnt called yet so they must have gone far. Cheerforce closed the gym today so Bailey doesnt have practice tonight. She is hoping for school to be closed tomorrow. When we were little we hoped school was cancelled for snow days. Now she is hoping for a fire day. I am hoping it gets put out SOON and nobody else gets hurt.

Here is a picture of Wrinkles today.And here is Bailey in her new shirt from SanDiego. We drove 3 hours there yesterday for her 5 hour cheer practice, then drove home 3 hours. We left a little after 9am and got home a little after 8pm. Fun.Now I need to go watch the Dodger game. Go Dodgers!


Kayla said...

I'm drowning my sorrows in your blog....maybe I drafting will cheer me up. Yeah. And maybe the REAL Dodger game is tomorrow and that was just a saturday night live skit.

colleenk said...

I am soo sorry. If it makes you feel any better at least you were not in shouting distance from your dad. Or then again maybe you were.

Anonymous said...

What? Did the dodgers lose? I guess I am not paying attention to post season baseball since we have the TIGERS to cheer us up!

I hope the fires are put out soon too. You guys go through this every year, don't you? (But I can still wish for a "fire day" for Bailey's sake!)