Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Last Thursday, Royal competed against Thousand Oaks and Calabassas at Challenger Park.
Dylan ran J.V. .
Here he is competing against the Canadian Wherewolf on the T.O. team.

I think he let him go ahead so the guy wouldn't bite him.
It was another hot day. I dont know how they do it.
Here he's doing that twisted mouth thing he always does when he races. (I think he gets it from his Grandpa Jim?)Dylan came in 5th place, he was the 2nd from Royal. His time was 18:11.
Here is Bailey warming up.

Last year, when they put Bailey on Frosh-Soph, her main goal was to not finish last.This day, she really opened up her stride and looked like she was actually running. : )

The downhill.......

Bailey didnt win the race, BUT she was the FIRST Royal runner to finish. Yay Bailey. Her time was 23:37. She's come a long way from hoping to not be last.

Oh yes, the wherewolf did beat Dylan.


Kayla said...

Wise decision, Dylan...

Bailey's made so much progress! I am so proud.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder if the "werewolf" might not see his picture and the comments you wrote on here! LOL

Great jobs for Dylan and Bailey!