Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's starting to look like Halloween

Well it is getting close to Halloween which means it is time to stress/work my butt off/ruin/fix Bailey's impossible to get done in time costume. I am not sure how this tradition started, but every single year I say "next year we will BUY a costume". But then the next year comes and Bailey picks an impossible pattern and here we go again.

I work non-stop for about a week and then she wears it on Halloween for about 3 hours. ????

I am taking a break to write this but I've only started cutting out the fabric so I cant be too long.

Here are some of our decorations this year.....
Our new wreath that I got from Sam's Club last week..... >
And these horrors were at Home Goods this year and last year ....>

Aren't they scary. ooooooooh
Bailey and Lexi went to the pumpkin patch Sunday and then came here to carve them. They downloaded patterns from the internet.Here's how they turned out. Cute. The ghosts in the windows' Baileys and the cat with the pumpkin was done by Lexi.I must get back to the costume from hell.


Kayla said...

Hahaha- You forgot part of the tradition! That the costume is a beautiful creation-always finished in time!

Oh, those little monsters are terribly frightening. (The decorations, not Bailey and Lexi!)

Anonymous said...

I am not nearly as creative as you are... I am grateful that Riley picked being a cowboy. (How hard can it be?) LOL Of course first it was a scarecrow, and after I bought the hat and the makeup he said he will NOT where the makeup so now I have a hat I can't use and I will be hunting down cheap cowboy boots in pretty much ANY size! (He will have to live with blisters if it comes down to it!)

By the way, I loved the pumpkins!

Anonymous said...

WEAR...OH MY GOSH! I hate spelling errors!