Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

Bailey went to school like this. She didnt wear her costume because they have County Championships in Ventura today. She said she didnt want to wear it because the bus comes during second period and she would have to take it off and "throw it in a wad under the bus".
So I am glad she didnt wear it. But then she doesnt get home till 7pm. Then she will shower and go to Hunter's house to Trick or Treat. Yes she will wear her costume for 1 hour.
She is wearing her glitter red lipstick from Cheer for Halloween.

Dylan went to school as a Jabawockee. (a hip hop dance group) If you go to youtube and type in Jabawockee you can see them in action.

I asked him if he has been practicing his dance moves and he said "No".

When I turned around to go in the house, I saw this.

See the rainbow? And it wasnt even raining! A Halloween rainbow. And the flowers still look pretty.....
And lastly here is the pumpkin that Chris carved. I think it looks like Eddy Munster.


Kayla said...

Oh my, looks like a fun time! Wish I was there, but I will send you pictures of Halloween in Bozeman :-) No rainbows, but maybe we'll get some snow. I told Dylan they should do a dance in the quad- between classes or something! Can't wait to see Bailey's dress, it's gonna be awesome!

colleenk said...

it is 7:30pm halloween night and the kids are not back from their race yet :(
Maybe Bailey wont wear that dress this year. GGRRRrrr

Anonymous said...

Oh man! I hope she got to wear it! I got Riley all ready...he was going to go with the neighbor boy...and his buddy decided he wasn't going to go trick or treating! BOOOO HISSSS!! So, Pat being the fine father that he is, took Riley and John went along with them for moral support! (Who would ever have thought John would provide moral support!) LOL HAPPY HALLOWEEN A DAY LATE!!!!!!!!