Thursday, October 23, 2008

Woof it's Bailey

It is so funny, I keep finding dogs, horses, even an orangutan named Bailey.

Bailey's friend Kelly had 2 cats named Beavis and Butthead and a dog named Bailey.

Her cross country coach has a dog named Bailey.

I found this picture in a Rachel Ray magazine and showed it to my Bailey. It was priceless to see her look at it and think Oh cute Dog and then she said it looked like half dog and half chicken. Then when she reads the fine print..... the look of horror..... then anger.... then the evil glare at me. Hahaha it was soo funny.
Luckily she has a good sense of humor. haha
It says in the fine print...good dog. Bailey a 3yr old pomaranian waits for the ok to eat.

She said she knows more animals with her name than humans. She does like that there is Bailey's Irish Cream though. Hmm


Kayla said...

SEE?!?! Isn't it fun to make her angry? Now you understand the allure! :-D

Kayla said...

It even looks like her! First thing in the morning at least...

Kayla said...

I just realized....our Bailey waits for the okay to eat too! May I have a granola bar, mom?

colleenk said...

you no i read this too!!!!
- bailey
ps you mean!!!

Kayla said...

Oh! You know, Bailey, how you were on under mom's name? Well....someone else was on under mine! Sheesh, that person is mean, you're right. Always.