Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dylan in 5 pictures

Ok, Ok. so Shawn was probably right and I will NEVER get done with the stupid cabinets. Whatever. I am still working on them. ( I took a little break..Thursday was the kids x-c meet, Friday was I dont remember, Saturday I went on th Srapbook Bus Tour, Sunday I slept, and Monday I just didnt feel like painting. ) Just kidding, I did other stuff like laundry, driving kids, making dinners, cleaning...ect....

I painted 2 more this morning. The kids dont have school Thursday so the x-c meet is tonight.

Thursday is another Jewish Holiday. Dylan said "I really love the Jews" when he found out about the no school thing.

I had to get 5 pictures of Dylan to turn in to the guy that makes the End of Year Cross Country Video. They have a little section to say goodby to the Seniors.
Its hard to believe but this next picture was taken of him in High School!

I dont think I will use this one. I think I will ask him to get dressed up Thursday and will just take a picture of him myself. And yes I do know that was 6 pictures and they only asked for 5. But Dylan was cute and I would have had more if I thought I could get away with it.

And Mary, Kayla does not like canned vegetables. Sarcasm is one of her better qualities.


Kayla said...

Aw! what happened...?

Oh, yeah- he grew his hair out like a vagabond!

Anonymous said...

Pat and I were pretty amazed to see the resemblence Riley has to Dylan! Even his senior picture sports a similar hairstyle to how Riley wears his now! Nice looking boys!

colleenk said...

It would be nice to see pictures of Riley like maybe on a blog or something. Hint hint.