Monday, October 20, 2008

Now lets see Bailey's pics. (from x-c meet on thursday)
Who are who are who are we? Hey Hey We are we are we are thee Here we go, H I G H L A N D E R S Thats us Royal Highlanders The Best!

Discussing strategy like" Run Faster than Them" or "Win"The Start line.......>She got off to a bad start. Her own teammates (freshmen) box her in. according to Bailey and Chris.Notice who is in front here......>Here is Dylan on his warmup......>Run Bailey Run!This is Bailey getting smoked by Westlake girl.But wait. Here comes Bailey........Closing the gap......>And Bailey beat her at the finish. Her time was 22:30. ( she came in 8th) Everybody was screaming at the end. (again)

And here are a pile of kids.

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Kayla said...

ooo, how exciting! GO BAILEY!!!

P.S. I like Brandon's blanket...