Thursday, October 23, 2008

Frames are How Much???!!!

So I don't even remember who did it, but someone knocked a picture off the wall. Now that we have tile in the hallway, of course the glass broke along with the frame.

So yesterday, I drove to Michaels to replace it. I took the picture to the back of the store and laid it on the counter in front of the worker. "I'd like to get a simple black frame for this". She pulled out a measuring tape, held it out and said that it is a custom size and that it would be 200 something dollars.


Well if you use the coupon in the Sunday newspaper it will ONLY be $130.00.
I smiled and explained that I had only paid $29.99 for the thing including the mat last year. And that I really like the picture but I really couldnt pay that much. And left.

So I thought I should go to where I bought it and see if they had anything similar. So I drove to Aaron Brothers. I asked if they had any 2008 frames in stock and he checked and of course he did not. Then he measured the picture and said he could get the price down to $110.00 (and that without a coupon). I could not justify spending that much. (I know me..who loves to spend money heehee) SO I looked up and down the isles and found this frame. It is a bit bigger so I was gonna buy a black mat to back the picture, but instead I just took the black back off the frame and flipped it over. It cost me $27.99. Soooo.........Happy Face :-)

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Kayla said...

Go Mom! Strategic shopping, nice job

P.S. It was.....Briana! In the living room...with her hair!