Friday, October 17, 2008

More X-C

Bailey and Dylan ran at Newbury Park and competed against them and Westlake.
This was the last league meet of the season. All thats left is the Mt. Sac Invitational next Sat. and League Finals.
Here is Dylan at the starting line. Instead of starting with a gun, they used a siren. Loud and Screechy.

Here he's doing that twisted mouth thing again.

He really wanted to beat Scott. But Scott is just faster. Scott came in first place. Dylan was behind Westlake at the end of the race but right when he got to the cones he poured it on and people were screaming....

GO DYLAN GOOOOOOOO (that is not goo like g-ew but a really long go)

I didnt get a picture of it because I was screaming too.

Dylan beat him. He came in second place with a time of 16:37. And Royal team won the race.

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Kayla said...

That hair is holding him down...yet he still ran really well. Another great race. For Bailey too, she beat my time by several minutes...