Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas came and went. Time goes by so fast in the weeks before Christmas.
So much to not get done. Well, now that it is over, I can share a few things that happened in the week before.

This is what our house looks like. Every single year we put up lights and every single year, they work for a couple days and then a portion goes dark. Weird, I know. Just a few feet of lights. Dark. Every single year.
The gazebo looked pretty under the full moon.

And it got cold. I know it doesn't compare to Michigan or Montana's 20 below, but it did get in the thirties and we are just not used to that. We cant see Russia from our house but we could see SNOW. I think it was pretty.There was frost on the ground and Bailey got all excited and was calling it snow. She had to run outside to touch it. I don't think Kayla was very impressed after being in Montana. haha. We do live in California. I thought it was funny that on the TV all day they had WINTER STORM WATCH running across the bottom of the screen. You know it WAS 40 degrees and drizzling. We are spoiled I guess.The weird thing about California (well one of many weird things) is the trees turn FALL colors late. Now they are bright red and yellows. These were taken last week. The leaves are thinning from the winds but still look pretty. I made pumpkin bread 3 days in a row. I wont be making any again until next fall. I made some for the cross country banquet. It was good.Bailey and Dylan both got awards this year. Dylan got the Coaches Award. And Bailey got the Frosh/Soph Most Improved award. And they both allowed me to take their picture. And they both smiled. Life is good.Yes, it doesn't take much to make me happy. Smiling for my pictures, happy happy.


Nancy Weeks said...

Bailey is such a CA girl! Red tights and Uggs in the "snow"! I think this years trees are brighter then ever! There aren't that many but they are as bright as the east coast's!

Kayla said...

Snow! Head for the underground bunker everyone!!!!