Monday, December 8, 2008

Dylan's First Half Marathon

Dylan competed in his first half marathon yesterday. Or should I say ran his first 1/2 marathon, because he really was not his usual competitive self. The race started at 7:30am at the L.A. Zoo and the finish was downtown L.A.
We dropped him off at the start and drove to the 6 mile mark. And waited, and waited.
All kinds of people were going by and we thought we might have missed him.
Then we saw Dylan and James they were talking and started yelling to us that they started 20 minutes late and something about the workers couldnt find James' bib.
Mile 6.........>
Then they were gone.
We drove to about the 10mile point and saw them run along a little lake there. There was a mariochi band playing. We saw them. Yelled something. Then they were gone.
Mile 10........>
We drove to the finish and couldnt get close enough because of street closings and no parking everwhere so by the time we got there they finished.
The end.......>
Anyway, I don't know what their times were but I think they will be posted online today sometime. Oh and they stopped along the way to go to the bathroom.
Dylan was sore when he was done and again this morning. Probably because he didn't train properly, but he did have fun and I think he is looking forward to doing a full marathon in the future.

On the way home with medal hanging from car.....

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Kayla said...

He's cheating! Trying to get more medals. Haha- just kidding...I am so proud! As usual. A half marathon! That's crazy. Go Dino!

This makes him one step/12 miles closer to being cool. Except in one of the running pictures he looks like Dwight from The Office... Do NOT tell him I said that, he'll kill me.