Sunday, December 21, 2008


Finally! She is taking a shower after being in the airport 3 days. DELTA stinks!!!!!
I'll explain later.


Anonymous said...

3 DAYS???!!! I will be interested to hear what that was all about!

As far as the hole in the guys must have been in good moods that day! I suppose we have a few home alterations that were done courtesy of our kids as well! (Ripped curtains, writing done in glow in the dark paint so I didn't see it until one night...when the lights were out...dented garage doors, gutters, broken bushes done with a baseball bat????? (why? I still ask myself) We have REALLY lived in our home! haha

colleenk said...

Are you sure all those things were done by your kids and not Uncle Shawn when he was visiting? He probably just framed/set up your kids to take the fall. (spoken from experience.)